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over 4 years ago Heather Wolffe said:

Hello all of my followers! Thank you for the follow! I just published a new story called "Bloody Ripples" for the vampire contest! Would you mind a swap? I will happily read anything you have in return. Thanks! PS please post what you want me to read ON MY WALL, because if it is in the comments on the story I won't get to it. Caio!


almost 5 years ago book.coffee.autumn said:

Everybody wants something. Well, I want memories. I want to tell them to my children,grandchildren, and perhaps my great-grand kids. I'm in the seventeen contest, I'd love to be in the top 10,just to tell people. How can you help you ask? Read and heart(if deserved)the Beautiful Things.Guess what? I swap!


almost 5 years ago Secret Author said:

If you'd like, please check out "Straightaway" on my page!


almost 5 years ago Charity Herndon said:

Hi sorry if im bothering you but could we do a swap? I'll read two or more of your writing and heart/comment if you would please read "Te Quiero," I have only two weeks until the contest closes (Febuary 120 and I need over 2000 hearts. Please spread the word for exchange after reading reviewing and IF YOU THINK IT DESEVRES IT hearting it. I really need the money. And Im sorry if I sound dumb begging. I'm greatful for all of you guys reading it and helping to get it out there. God Bless you. I DO REVIEW SWAPS :) ALSO I AM VERY BUSY SO ILLMOST LIKELY GET TO YOUR REVIEW AT NIGHT!!! :) thanks!


almost 5 years ago Whimsically_Me said:

Hey fellow Figgy, Wanna swap? I’ve recently written a short story for the Seventeen Magazine Fiction Contest called Nothing Left But You. It is a heart based contest, my story is roughly around 2min long and is about a woman named Raven who thinks she has nothing left to live for…but does she? It would be so great if you could read it and tell me what you think! I’m not asking for you to heart it but to simply read it and if yes, you do enjoy it than please heart it and tell me in the comments what you thought of it! I’ll read anything of roughly equal length! Please write on my wall what you want me to read! Thanks, Han. P.S. If I’ve already asked you or you already read it than I’m sorry for being a bother and I ask that you please ignore this.

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Quarter Quell

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I love this! I have seen alot of HG roleplay and stuff like that, but how you have made a fan-fiction but yet is beautifully written!*ins... Read More »


(over 5 years ago)

I like this but as I was reading this over, I would've wanted to add,"I could feel my blood pumping in my ears and a drip of sweat splash... Read More »