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  • Befunky_instant_1t453
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    Halfway Incognito

    Erik was enjoying his second night playing the hit game, Trials of Warfare... Cover by Teagan Olivia. Edited with Zeeky.

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  • 553616_3285378900411_1445799923_32319594_728290076_n
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    Deep Waters

    Rogue and dashing thief Leo isn't afraid of anything, and taunts danger every day. But he's about to face his number one fear: deep wa…

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  • Eilean-donan-castle_09
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    Lae and Leo

    ((work in progress. Co-written with Rosa Dolson.))

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over 4 years ago S.J. Bouquet said:

Hello :) Would you be willing to do a swap? My piece is 18 minutes long, three chapters, roughly 3,500 words. I will read anything of yours in return, or first if you wish. My story is called "Odd Couple". Please let me know if you're interested.

P.S. I also appreciate free reads, or if you give me a good comment/review I could make a cover for one of your stories :)


over 4 years ago Enna McCay said:

Where are the renaissance fairs that you go to? and do you watch or participate?


over 4 years ago Rebekah Louise said:

Hello! If you don't mind swapping, please check out my story, "Yellow and Red". Hearts/comments/reviews are GREATLY appreciated, and I'll gladly return the favor. Thank you! :)


over 4 years ago Julia A said:

I loved your story "Travel Log"! Could you read/heart "Imperfect?" please? Feel free to read any of my other writings! Thanks so much! Spread the word.


over 4 years ago Madeleine G. said:


Please read/heart my short story, "PERCEPTION OF DECEPTION"...I only have a couple days left to make the quota for this contest & I'm really trying hard to make it!

If you would like me to read something in return, let me know and I'll get to it ASAP. Please disregard this if you have already hearted-it's hard to keep track of everyone!

Thanks so much! ~M

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Aster Falls

(about 5 years ago)

Ah, loving the 20's setting. I was just looking through old family photos a minute ago, aaand now my music playlist just started playing ... Read More »


(almost 6 years ago)

Well THANKS for making me cry! Usually I go into a critiquing extravaganza, but I really don't have anything to point out on this piece. ... Read More »