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    Aiden would do anything to be popular, tell any story to get people to pay attention to him. My entry for the #Molecules contest. B…

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  • Bokeh
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    The Dream

    In a nightmare, running through a forest in the winter. Almost midnight. I was being chased by some shadowy figure - literally a shado…

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  • Doily
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    Snowball Fight

    My entry for the Winter Writing Contest. Partly inspired by the antics a few of my friends at college got up to during the snowpocalyp…

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  • Letters home
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    Letters Home

    The War in Iraq lasted more than eight and a half years. When the final troops withdrew from the Middle East, everyone thought it was …

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    A Traveler in the Snow

    A structured poem about a man traveling down a snowy path in the winter. This poem was inspired in part by the Robert Frost poem 'Stop…

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  • A bond of bird and boy cover
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    A Bond of Bird and Boy

    A poem about a boy who was adopted by a family of birds in the woods. The boy lives in a castle on the side of the wood, a place where…

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over 3 years ago S.J. Bouquet said:

Hello :) I am going to college soon, and I won't have time for a job. Because of this, money is an issue. Oh college... *sigh* Anyways, I figured that while I still have free time, I can write a story, and publish it on Amazon.com no cost to me. If I put an ebook up, maybe I can let it sit there. I can get some money, and won't have to stress out about scrounging up the green just so I can eat.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I was hoping you'd read my story, critique it, point out flaws, help me perfect this thing before I put it on Amazon.

Thank you for your time :) If you don't want to do this, that's totally fine. I know I'm asking a lot. Have a good day!

-S.J. Bouquet

P.S. My story- http://figment.com/books/695730


almost 4 years ago Jennifer Mobley said:

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(Hi Member, Covers for around the world is back up running again :D. So come on over and invite a friend.Have new and old cover contests. Want to be our next ,moderator then come and take the test :D)


almost 4 years ago Epiphany M. Hunter said:

 photo output_VaYYCg_zpsdc5b54a8.gif


almost 4 years ago Cheyenne Cacy said:

Hello! Would you like to swap? Will you please read "Unbreakable Girl"? If you'd like me to read something in return, please make it under 15 minutes! Thank you! Fair warning, I'm not that great at reviews, but promise to do my best!


about 4 years ago Emily Wynn said:

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My Reviews

You Can't Hug a Ghost

(about 5 years ago)

‘You Can’t Hug a Ghost’ is a story that takes place in the beginning of winter. It’s told from the perspective of an unnamed character wh... Read More »

Seventeen Years.

(over 5 years ago)

To start off, let me say that I loved this. It made me think of how many lives I have affected over my lifetime, and how their lives have... Read More »