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over 4 years ago Christy Penman said:

Hi! :) Wanna swap? I have a goal of 100 hearts for my story 'Down In a Flame.' I was wondering if you would like to swap for it. Please read, heart, and comment on my story, and I will return the favor by reading, hearting, and commenting any of your pieces. Just post ON MY WALL what I should read in return.

Thank you!

(If I have posted this on your wall before, or you do not wish to swap at the present moment, please accept my apologies - it is entirely my fault for disturbing you.)

PS follow swap?


over 4 years ago Elizabeth said:

Hey there :) I just wrote a brand-spanking-new story, and, guess what, I want to share it with you! Cool, right? Wait, it's not? I think you'd better read it first...Called "The Boy With the Emerald Green Eyes" it's for the summer romance contest. Wait, don't stop reading now! Yes, I said it's for the romance contest, but there's no need for you to run screaming just yet. Even if you're 100% not interested, at least read the excerpt below:

~ I run my fingers through the water, savoring the feeling of the cool water on my skin. Ahhhh. My arm is running through the length of the fountain, when something strong grabs my hand. I hastily try to pull it back, but the more I resist, the harder it pulls. What is this thing? Just as I look up, I'm pulled under water.

With my head completely submerged, I come up sputtering. When I finally regain my voice, what comes out is something along the lines of:

"What the...?"

As I pull my hair away from my face, I make eye contact with a boy that looks to be about my age, with dark wavy hair, a crooked smile, and the greenest eyes I've ever seen. ~

Interested? Check it out :) I'd love a free read, but I'm also willing to swap. So if you want to, just post what you'd like me to read in return on my wall. Oh, and only heart my story if you like it :) Thanks ahead of time, and if you're not interested at all then I deeply apologize for taking up your valuable time and wall space.


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over 4 years ago Eris Blackburn said:

I was wondering if you could read my story for the vampire contest 'Dear Bloodsuckers'. I'm open to swaps so if you want me to read anything, just let me know. Thank you!

Me hair edit.jpg

over 4 years ago Riley White said:

Welcome Tributes and Viewers to the Annual Hunger Games! This is the chance for you to show off your fabulous writing skills, as well as become a part of something that will hopefully transform into an epic battle between Figment users around the world. As you begin to write your way through an arena filled with twists, turns, and fellow tributes (as well as a few nasty surprises of our own), your writing skills might just make the difference between seeing your tribute fall to the merciless clutches of death and seeing them emerge as victor. There is just one twist: your tribute, just as in The Hunger Games, must be selected randomly through a drawing. If you would like the chance to compete in the 70th Annual Hunger Games (bear in mind, this is BEFORE Katniss Everdeen) you will have to join or group!

 photo WRITINGFIRE_zps86355ec4.jpg

Hope to see you there! For more information on how to enter please join our group- Writing Fire: Hunger Games for Writers And may your writing be ever in your favor...


over 4 years ago Lauren Calista said:

Hi! :) I'm sorry to bother you but I would love to do a swap. If you are interested, please read The Ladybug. If you like it, please give it at least a heart. Then let me know what of yours you would like me to read. :) Thank you. Xo

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