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  • Qcrsrih
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    Created from Stars

    Astra: From the Stars. Astra is just a normal every day she-wolf... Only, that's what she wishes to be. She on the other hand is th…

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  • Two-bloods-naveenayla_final_zps4282fc8e
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    Two Bloods

    [Thanks to Lana for helping me out!] A death sparked a revolution; no longer enslaved to their vampire overlords, the werewolves were …

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  • Byline
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    The Divine Chronicles: The Sacred City

    [Written by Thomas Gabriel and Me! COVER GOES TO OLIVIA SERIO!] Cosette Sinclair is not an ordinary girl, she's from a different worl…

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  • Dark ones
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    Dark Ones

    [*WIP* Cover goes to Fuchsia Sunset!] Meet Maia, she's your average everyday 25 year old collage student. But that changes when she is…

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  • Finishedcover
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    Cover goes to Olivia Ossege! Book one in my Fanfiction series! [COMPLETED WORK!] Ayla Ivashkov, a Moroi Princess. She has a problem,…

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  • Fearless2
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    {*WIP* COVER GOES TO AMZIE!} "I didn't ask to be part of the Lost Line!" -Ayla Ivashkov What happens when Lissa goes against her w…

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Paris needs hep (1)

8 days ago [TeamPhantom] aum0001(Offline) said:

Okay. I'm terribly sorry. Do I have permission to leave?

Paris needs hep (1)

9 days ago [TeamPhantom] aum0001(Offline) said:

Hello Lila. I'm aum0001 from Quarantine. Please forgive me. I know you said not to join then just leave or be not very active. I wanted to let you know that I am starting to drift away from figment and be less and less active so I am thinking of leaving so I won't cause you guys problems. I will wait though until I hear a response from you. Please respond whenever you can, thank-you.


Picmonkey collage

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(almost 5 years ago)

Okay, I totally Love the Mom. What a wacko! Also Read this outloud to yourself. See if you find mistakes you made, and does she call her ... Read More »

Unfair and Pain

(almost 5 years ago)

This is very short, but it leaves our minds to wonder what happened to her. Read More »