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    Created from Stars

    Astra: From the Stars. Astra is just a normal every day she-wolf... Only, that's what she wishes to be. She on the other hand is th…

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  • Two-bloods-naveenayla_final_zps4282fc8e
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    Two Bloods

    [Thanks to Lana for helping me out!] A death sparked a revolution; no longer enslaved to their vampire overlords, the werewolves were …

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    The Divine Chronicles: The Sacred City

    [Written by Thomas Gabriel and Me! COVER GOES TO OLIVIA SERIO!] Cosette Sinclair is not an ordinary girl, she's from a different worl…

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    Dark Ones

    [*WIP* Cover goes to Fuchsia Sunset!] Meet Maia, she's your average everyday 25 year old collage student. But that changes when she is…

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    Cover goes to Olivia Ossege! Book one in my Fanfiction series! [COMPLETED WORK!] Ayla Ivashkov, a Moroi Princess. She has a problem,…

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    {*WIP* COVER GOES TO AMZIE!} "I didn't ask to be part of the Lost Line!" -Ayla Ivashkov What happens when Lissa goes against her w…

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Talk to me!


4 days ago Marian Jade said:

Okay! :D Sorry if I reply slowly, I'm half watching my little brother.

Sweet! I'll have to become active in the group again! Has anyone else in the group shown interest in the roleplay idea?


4 days ago Marian Jade said:

That makes sense! I just wanted to make sure before assuming! So what type of vampires were you thinking of making them? Are they gonna be like classic vampires or more like mutants or what? :)

xD Beautiful! When did you wanna make the roleplay? I'm usually gonna be home all week besides weekends.


4 days ago Marian Jade said:

That sounds really really interesting and like it'd be a really good roleplay! May I ask what time we are talking? Modern time? Futuristic time?

I love her already! You could do a lot with that! :D A lot of possible angst and just general emotions you could work with! If it is a modern or futuristic setting, what do you think of me making a character who is a human scientist who wants to go to the Outer lands to study the Barons? Like her no one she knows wants her to go out of the safe zone, but she is really intrigued by the barons. :)


4 days ago Marian Jade said:


We should totally do a Divergent rp again! Man, do I miss the days of Victoria and Echo! Or we should at least do a roleplay where we can have Echo and Victoria in it! :D


4 days ago Marian Jade said:

Hey, I know it's been a while, but I think I am finally back. I am so sorry I disappeared for like, what was it, 7 months? Yeah. 7 months I think. It was hard for a while and every time I thought about going back to Figment, something else in my life popped up that occupied my time. I figured I shouldn't get back on Figment until I could actually be committed to getting on at least a few times a week. So, I think I am back.

I know it has been a long time, but if you still have roleplay ideas, I'd love to hear them! :) I also might have an idea or two.

Sorry I was gone for so long, Marian

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(over 4 years ago)

Okay, I totally Love the Mom. What a wacko! Also Read this outloud to yourself. See if you find mistakes you made, and does she call her ... Read More »

Unfair and Pain

(over 4 years ago)

This is very short, but it leaves our minds to wonder what happened to her. Read More »