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  • Qcrsrih
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    Created from Stars

    Astra: From the Stars. Astra is just a normal every day she-wolf... Only, that's what she wishes to be. She on the other hand is th…

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  • Two-bloods-naveenayla_final_zps4282fc8e
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    Two Bloods

    [Thanks to Lana for helping me out!] A death sparked a revolution; no longer enslaved to their vampire overlords, the werewolves were …

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  • Byline
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    The Divine Chronicles: The Sacred City

    [Written by Thomas Gabriel and Me! COVER GOES TO OLIVIA SERIO!] Cosette Sinclair is not an ordinary girl, she's from a different worl…

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  • Dark ones
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    Dark Ones

    [*WIP* Cover goes to Fuchsia Sunset!] Meet Maia, she's your average everyday 25 year old collage student. But that changes when she is…

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  • Finishedcover
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    Cover goes to Olivia Ossege! Book one in my Fanfiction series! [COMPLETED WORK!] Ayla Ivashkov, a Moroi Princess. She has a problem,…

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  • Fearless2
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    {*WIP* COVER GOES TO AMZIE!} "I didn't ask to be part of the Lost Line!" -Ayla Ivashkov What happens when Lissa goes against her w…

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5 months ago Kate Schroeder said:

"I don't know what's scarier, the crazies who think they've seen ghosts or the crazies who believe them."

They say Candle Cove is the most haunted town in New England. For centuries, stories of drowned sailors, lost children, creepy cemeteries, and more have drawn ghost hunters and thrill seekers alike to plague the residents. Recently, the mayor was even forced to outlaw ghost hunting. But that won't stop people from flocking to the Cove to seek out legends, myths, and even their own ancestors. But who can prove if ghosts are real, or if the little town even has any? Is it all a hoax?

Come find out in Candle Cove.


5 months ago Mariella Baird said:

In Rionna, every aspect of your life is designated for you. Your career, hobbies, schooling, clothing, even your spouse. This is all decided by one simple factor: the date on which you were born, or, in layman's terms, your Zodiac sign. This system, set in place many centuries before, keeps the peace like nothing else has. There are no fights, no conflict. Everyone is content. But stars are more distant than they look, much like the people of Rionna. Your future has been Written in Stars.


5 months ago A.J Jennings said:

The Gods have been around for centuries. Zeus has been ruling over the gods for almost just as long. The gods and goddess have been living in peace. But Hades, God of the Underworld, believes that Zeus is a tyrant and needs to be removed from power. Zeus is angry, but to his surprise other gods started to side with Hades as well. Now its Mount Olympus against The Underworld. The gods are conflicted and are worried about what this potential war will do to the once peaceful life of the Gods and the mortal world below. Which side would you choose?


6 months ago Scarlet River Fox said:

Hey! I know it's been a long time since the old days of roleplaying, but I figured you might be interested in joining this group ( created by skytop.


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(over 5 years ago)

Okay, I totally Love the Mom. What a wacko! Also Read this outloud to yourself. See if you find mistakes you made, and does she call her ... Read More »

Unfair and Pain

(over 5 years ago)

This is very short, but it leaves our minds to wonder what happened to her. Read More »