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  • On the move
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    On the Move

    After her parents die and she is forced to live with her aunt and uncle, Courtney decides to run away to Boston. But on the train, she…

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    This Is Why

    This is for the Why I Write contest, and it's the main reason I write. Please comment and give me some feedback!

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  • Autumn leaves
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    Autumn Leaves

    This is about my dog, Shianne, who just passed away a couple weeks ago.

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almost 5 years ago Yolanda Medina said:

Can you please heart "I'm glad I did" Thanks!-Yolanda.

Mouse cutie

almost 5 years ago Simply Grace said:

Hello, could you please heart "The Silent Cry". Let me know if you want me to read or heart something of yours! Thanks!

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about 6 years ago Gabriella Gamez said:

I read "On the move" and "this is why" for the swap, don't forget to read something of mine


about 6 years ago latewla said:

I did the best I could, and I wasn't sure if you actually wanted a tagline or not since you are new to this, so I didn't put one.

What you do is right clink on it, save to computer, and when you edit your story it says cover design. Click it, then you click that button under your current cover, then put this in.


about 6 years ago VirginiaCalling said:

I read On the Move and loved it! cheers and keep writing!

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