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About Me: I don't support the way contests are run on this site. So it wouldn't be in your best interest to ask me for free hearts or hearts for contest of any sort or genre.

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  • Belevolence my sistercover

    Benevolence: My Sister

    Taya keeps her distance from society due to her banishment. But when a surprise visit from an unlikely girl forces her back into the world,how will she handle the very country that cast her aside?

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7 days ago Crystal Vale said: Let me know where I should go with this. Thanks.


7 days ago Crystal Vale said:

I will be sure to let you know when I add on a story or anything really xD

Sith master

19 days ago Jake Schaub said:

Is it a group or in the roleplay forum?

Sith master

21 days ago Jake Schaub said:

I'm sorry for getting back a little late, but which roleplay are you speaking of? Whichever one it is, I'd be glad to go back on it :)


about 1 month ago Megan B said:

The character forms are open for the next RP, we'll be starting up again within the next few days I think. Hope to see you back again soon :)

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