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    Dangerous Love

    Set during World War II two teenagers find themselves swept away in one of the most horrific slaughters in history: The Holocaust. Wi…

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  • Handsome and the beast
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    Handsome and The Beast

    PLEASE LIKE FOR THE JUSTINEMAGCONTEST!!!! This is a modern day tale of Beauty and The Beast. After Belle's face is badly burned she …

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  • Book
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    The World of Books

    Just a little description of books. :)

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  • Pug, earl, and digger 001
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    Pug the One-eyed Pug Dog

    This is a little poem about my one-eyed Pug dog named Pug. He was the sweetest and was the best dog I ever had and the first pet I ev…

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  • Red_abstract
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    Hospital Waiting Room

    This is just a little something I had to do for my English class. The assignment was to be descriptive about a certain place.

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  • Earl and his cookie 011
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    Earl the Squirrel

    This poem is about my pet squirrel Earl that I had for almost eight and a half years. He was very special to me and I never knew how …

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I believe in her

over 4 years ago Tate Thurgood (KONY 2012) said:

Hello there! My friend Emma Harrison, has entered a contest. She is SO CLOSE to getting top 10 (which is like her dream right now!!!!) but she needs your heart! It is called 'Oh, It's You' and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read it and heart if you enjoy it (which I guarantee you will). Free reads are appreciated but if you want a swap, swap with ME, not her. I'm the one who's advertising, and she has a lot of swaps and stuff already. Thanks and I do hope you'll have a heart that you're willing to share! -Tate P.S. I am SO sorry if you've already read it, remember that this is her story, not mine, so I don't really know whose read it and who hasn't.


almost 5 years ago Madeleine G. said:


Please read/heart my short story, "PERCEPTION OF DECEPTION"...I only have a couple days left to make the quota for this contest & I'm really trying hard to make it!

If you would like me to read something in return, let me know and I'll get to it ASAP. Please disregard this if you have already hearted-it's hard to keep track of everyone!

Thanks so much! ~M


almost 5 years ago Emily Swiers said:

Hi there, could you read and heart my very short story REGRET.

I would gladly return the favor. Please post on my wall if you would like me to do so. I am sorry if I have posted this before.

-Thank You


almost 5 years ago Mackenzie Kelley said:

Hello there, sorry for intruding on your space, but I was wondering if you would be so kind as to read my story, It's Not Okay. It's only a two minute read. If you don't do free reads, no worries, just post a swap on my profile and I will read yours as well. Thanks!


about 5 years ago Amaryliss White said:

Hi. :) Would you mind doing a swap? I’ll read/heart/comment on yours if you could check out “Never Break Me”. Thank you. :)

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