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  • Miss you cover
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    Miss You

    A poem I wrote expressing my current thoughts towards a friend I made back in October, who soon turned into a crush near the end of th…

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  • Just someone cover1
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    Just Someone

    Just something I wrote as a spur of the moment to what I was feeling.

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  • Sewer rats cover1
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    Sewer Rats

    *Work in Progress* Since I've been working on "Beautiful Beast" first, only the prologue of this will be open to read until the other …

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  • Novel playlist cover
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    Audrey's Novel Playlists

    This is where I post the playlists I come up with for my writings, mainly novels. The music is in random order and more will most like…

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  • Beautiful beast cover 1
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    Beautiful Beast

    *WORK ON HOLD* I'll be taking this down near the end of May or in June to rewrite it. It'll follow the same storyline, just with a bu…

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  • Scars cover
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    A dream I had

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3 days ago Ze Fluffy Kit On Fire ^ᴥ^ said:

HI. :D

I'm good, Mhm. Just doing college stuff and whatnot.


24 days ago ♥Soleil♥ said:

Sad News, that needed to be shared among the Stand Up family. Please check the link below for more info. We love you all!


about 1 month ago Tris said:

Hi I'm Alexa and I am wondering if you would like to swap. my story is a bit long and it's okay if you don't read all of it. I'll be glad to read anything of yours.

Thank you so much:)



about 1 month ago ♥Soleil♥ said:

Thanks for joining the group! Have a awesome day!


about 1 month ago ♥Soleil♥ said:

Hey there!

Just wanted to stop by and ask if you could join the group Stand Up. We are fighting to raise awareness and help stop bullying. We are here to help, encourage and strengthen anyone who might be going through some rough times and be there every step of the way. It would mean the world to see you be apart of this fast growing movement.

Hope to see you!


p.s I also do a follow for a follow.

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My Reviews

Beautiful Beast

(11 months ago)

<b> Revisions complete :) </b> Read More »

Beautiful Beast

(11 months ago)

<b> I have started posting the revised chapters after the note from myself in the story. More are to be added soon. </b> ~Audrey Burne Read More »