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  • Companion cover
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    A wolf is looking for his pack and finds a freezing girl along the road. Wrote this story as a submission to a talent scholarship …

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  • Miss you cover
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    Miss You

    A poem I wrote expressing my current thoughts towards a friend I made back in October, who soon turned into a crush near the end of th…

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  • Just someone cover1
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    Just Someone

    Just something I wrote as a spur of the moment to what I was feeling.

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  • Sewer rats cover1
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    Sewer Rats

    *Work in Progress* Since I've been working on "Beautiful Beast" first, only the prologue of this will be open to read until the other …

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    Audrey's Novel Playlists

    This is where I post the playlists I come up with for my writings, mainly novels. The music is in random order and more will most like…

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  • Beautiful beast cover 1
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    Beautiful Beast

    *WORK ON HOLD* I'll be taking this down near the end of May or in June to rewrite it. It'll follow the same storyline, just with a bu…

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7 months ago Abby Sea said:

Hello, if you wouldn't mind, would you bother to check out my story The Box. (If I were reading this, I wouldn't do so much as blink before deleting it so I hold no expectations) If you do happen to take a look, however, THANX!

I am

8 months ago Abigail Kokitus said:


How have you been?!


9 months ago Kailynn Dale said:

Hey! I would like you to read my story, Regretted. It is for the Figment Good vs Evil contest. I worked really hard on it. If you like it, please heart it. It would really help me out. Plus, if you do like it, you can comment on it and I might expand it after the contest. Thanks!

Dancing branflake interviews chris peddecord dance photographer 20

9 months ago Adina King said:

Thank you so much! We really appreciate it!

~Adina King =)

ps. Make sure to look for a new WIP...shh...don't tell... =)

Dancing branflake interviews chris peddecord dance photographer 20

9 months ago Adina King said:

Hey! So I am collaborating with a author/friend of mine- Kailynn Dale. We created a profile and will post works as much as possible. If you could follow us and support us, that would be great! ~Adina King & Kailynn Dale (profile name is Kailynn Dale & Adina King) Thanks =)

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My Reviews

Beautiful Beast

(over 1 year ago)

<b> Revisions complete :) </b> Read More »

Beautiful Beast

(over 1 year ago)

<b> I have started posting the revised chapters after the note from myself in the story. More are to be added soon. </b> ~Audrey Burne Read More »