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  • Doily
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    Why she broke up with him. He was too busy dazzling her to really appreciate her for who she was.

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  • The presence cover
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    The Presence

    A girl is reminded of a tragic event on her late night walk home from work. Possible trigger warning. This was just a part of my dr…

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  • Companion cover
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    A wolf is looking for his pack and finds a freezing girl along the road. Wrote this story as a submission to a talent scholarship …

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  • Miss you cover
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    Miss You

    A poem I wrote expressing my current thoughts towards a friend I made back in October, who soon turned into a crush near the end of th…

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  • Just someone cover1
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    Just Someone

    Just something I wrote as a spur of the moment to what I was feeling.

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  • Sewer rats cover1
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    Sewer Rats

    *Work in Progress* Since I've been working on "Beautiful Beast" first, only the prologue of this will be open to read until the other …

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21 days ago Johana Jarkulischova said:

Hello, I am working on a group project concerning mental health and aiming to support people with mental health issues by creating a website where they can anonymously express themselves through writing and poetry. Currently, we are collecting other people’s opinions on the issues (specifically eating disorders, depression, and anxiety disorders… as well as general mental health and the stigma surrounding it). It would be great if you could take a few minutes to answer some quick questions for us and/or contribute to our website later. If you are interested, please complete our anonymous online survey:

For further suggestions, (or if you would like to receive the hyperlink to our website once it's created) please contact us at:


4 months ago Cassy blue said:

God, I haven't logged in for so long because of college. Thanks for the comment, even though I haven't checked stuff for so long. I hope you're doing well :)


11 months ago Abby Sea said:

Hello, if you wouldn't mind, would you bother to check out my story The Box. (If I were reading this, I wouldn't do so much as blink before deleting it so I hold no expectations) If you do happen to take a look, however, THANX!

I am

about 1 year ago Abigail Kokitus said:


How have you been?!


about 1 year ago Kailynn Parker said:

Hey! I would like you to read my story, Regretted. It is for the Figment Good vs Evil contest. I worked really hard on it. If you like it, please heart it. It would really help me out. Plus, if you do like it, you can comment on it and I might expand it after the contest. Thanks!

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My Reviews

Beautiful Beast

(about 2 years ago)

<b> Revisions complete :) </b> Read More »

Beautiful Beast

(about 2 years ago)

<b> I have started posting the revised chapters after the note from myself in the story. More are to be added soon. </b> ~Audrey Burne Read More »