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  • Exposed 1 (cover)
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    A novel based on a true story of a victim of bullying. Written to raise awareness of bullying, and help me to feel...not alone.

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  • Hit and run5
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    Hit and Run

    This will be where my NaNoWriMo novel will go. At the end of the month I will ask for critque/comments/help. My goal is to write a cha…

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  • Drowning 1
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    *PUT OFF FOR NOW**NO PROGRESS**NOT MY CURRENT NANO NOVEL* This will be where my NaNoWriMo novel will go. At the end of the month I wi…

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  • Escape cover
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    A work in progress about two love struck teens, except in prison.

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  • Let her go cover
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    Let her go

    A short story about an alchoholic mother afraid of letting go of the one thing she has left...her daughter.

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  • We all have secrets cover2
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    We all have secrets

    Cariss survives the death of her parents in a tragic car crash. When she is sent to her Aunt and Uncle's they declare her insane after…

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Homw pic

almost 4 years ago Mia Olivia Foster said:

please could i have the access codes.

Taylors pics 052

over 5 years ago Taylor said:

Wanna swap? Please read Party Of The Exes, I'll read whatever you want me to!


over 5 years ago Girl In Black said:

wanna swap?


almost 6 years ago Lucy Shifflett said:

Swap? Read Anything :)

Dj pon3

almost 6 years ago Courtney Oberholtzer said:

Thanks Lydia, but I am still Atheist. It is not what I grew up to, I grew up Christian, I just. I don't know what all exactly happened, I do know that it sprung when my uncle died in June. I also don't try arguing with Christians about religion, I typically try not to. So I won't argue with you, and I'm happy you don't/didn't try to force stuff upon me, people have done that before, and I just get mad. So thank you for not forcing stuff on me.

I think I'll go and read some of your writings. :) That was random XD

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The Killers

(about 6 years ago)

Sorry for double posting. But somehow my first review erased my bottom part so please disregard my first review. Read More »

The Killers

(about 6 years ago)

I agree strongly with Emma. Your story seems to have so much potential it is unbelievable! But like Emma, I was very confused. Especially... Read More »