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    The Journey

    Maria is dead. Emma, a young journalist, resolves to take her place reporting the things that really matter, the war. She joins a rebe…

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    Emma is a budding film maker who is eager to escape her less than perfect family for college on the east coast. When a successful alum…

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    What happens when there is magic in the walls? "The Journey" is a fictional book created for the purpose of the story.

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    The Departure

    Based on the song "Ready to Run" from the album FOUR by One Direction.

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    A story I wrote for my creative writing class. The spacing is probably a little weird because I wrote it on evernote, but bear with me…

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    A super villain with the power to make others fear her at a touch.

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over 1 year ago Sariya Camp said:


almost 2 years ago Cece said:

Hey there! I was reading your profile and you seem really interesting, I was just wondering if you'd like to swap? I just posted the first chapter of a story I'm working on and I'd really appreciate some feedback, so if you could even read a few paragraphs of Dead Girl Walking and I'll read any of your stories I would be so grateful!


almost 2 years ago Rachel Pengilly said:

Heyo! So we've swapped before - although you probably don't remember! Anyway, would you care to swap again? I have a little story called 'Heartfelt'. Care to read? I'll read anything of yours! A Huge Thank You, Rachel


over 2 years ago MidnightOWolf said:

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(about 3 years ago)

This was interesting, and I thought your character had a distinct voice in the second chapter, but the first chapter sounded a lot differ... Read More »


(about 3 years ago)

Not going to lie I had a really big review written and then I accidentally closed the tab and I was writing that review for like, twenty ... Read More »