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  • Road
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    Road Trip With The Doctor

    I based this off of "The Five Worst Characters To Road Trip With" post on The Daily Fig. I couldn't help but wonder what it would be …

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  • Best friends broken heart
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    Pretended Friendship

    A poem for Figment's National Poetry Month Contest.

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  • Ginger bread house
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    This story gives ME the chills! This was the prompt for the Stung Flash Fiction contest that had me stumped the longest, and eventual…

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  • Tiara
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    Princess Indeed

    My entry for the fourth day of the Stung Flash Fiction Contest. I never thought Snow White acted princess-y enough. This is my i…

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  • Heraldry
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    Soul Mates: A Whole New Meaning

    The moment where Beauty (Belle) meets Beast re-imagined and set in the future. This isn't *exactly* when they meet, but I figure that…

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  • Eye stitches
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    My entry for the Stung Flash Fiction Rumpelstiltskin prompt. I know, I know. It's really weird. If it confuses you, please tell me!…

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12 months ago Dassi said:

Hey, wanna swap? Can you please read my Doctor Who fanfic The Girl From Somewhere? I would love to hear a fellow whovian's opinion!

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almost 2 years ago Bad Wolf said:

Hey! There is a new comedy short-story contest coming up, and we would love you to enter! Here is the link:



over 2 years ago The Pied Piper said:

sorry for the long wait, but chapter 2 of "Book of the Gods" is now up.


about 3 years ago Tristian Kelly said:

Hi! Do you think you could swap with me? If so, please read Voices In My Head! Thanks! And I'll read any of your stories in return! :)

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(about 4 years ago)

Hello! I like your story a lot. Your character's are believable, and your dialogue flows nicely. There are a few things that I would r... Read More »

my fault

(almost 6 years ago)

That was spectacular. Wow. Totally amazing. Read More »