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2 months ago Stormcaller said:

Hey there! Want to swap? If so, please read Hunted. Thanks!


2 months ago Saleena said:

Hey. I just wrote a piece called Incandescence and I am looking for people to read it. If you are willing to take a look, I am willing to do the same for one of your pieces. If you'd like to swap, please leave a comment or review telling me what you think of it. Follows are always appreciated, but only if you deem me worthy. Thanks a lot, and I hope to hear from you soon.


5 months ago Whitney Skutt said:

Hi, I know this is random but I saw one of your reviews and was really impressed!! Do you want to review swap? Feel free to head over to my page and check mine out too


8 months ago Gracie Qu said:

Actually read all your reviews now! Wow, you really go in deep when you write reviews. I would actually recommend you to be an official editor to anyone on Figment who really wants their writings reviewed. Oh and I saw all your questions on your reviews too, but I'm never sure whether to answer them or not haha... (since you stated several times that they're just your thoughts)


8 months ago Gracie Qu said:

Sorry I haven't contacted you until now! I've been really busy with my internship, so I hadn't much time to even read through all your reviews yet (but I will when I get the chance). Thank you so much for doing this, and I don't mind that this was back from months ago.

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Cost of Revenge

(8 months ago)

Epilogue; While the deaths, the end of the war, and they rebuilding of Gwyumm bring finality to your story I don’t get an overall sen... Read More »

Cost of Revenge

(8 months ago)

C 37; Grammar; “heard (of) by the castle’s…girl he (had) refused to trust for so long… The Queen’s death was very potent; you keep ... Read More »