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    Jeanie Joan's Cosmetics

    There is something strange about the pale blue house that the Jeanie Joan's cosmetics woman cannot name. Something so strange and so …

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    Glamour Queen

    A girl meets her glamourous idol. Who is actually not that glamourous.

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  • Supernova_3
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    Our Little Universe

    Antonia and Jeremiah fell in love in a super nova of old books , freckles , and frantic kissing. Some loves take over the world. Som…

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    Entry for “No One Knows About Us" Flash Fiction contest Day 3

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    A girl contemplates her feelings for her friend. For Day 1 Tragedy Flash Fiction contest

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    Midnight Confessions

    A girl contemplates her future, her love for her father, and Al's Diner's greasy chili fries. My entry for The Seventeen Magazine Fic…

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Talk to me!


over 2 years ago Marie Horton said:

Hi, could you please heart my story "What if the Page Stayed Blank?"

If you don't give free hearts please read it and heart if you like it and I'll do the same for you. Sorry if I've already asked you, it's hard to keep track of everybody.

Thank you and here's the link:


over 2 years ago Radjaminah said:

Hello, would you like to swap? If you do, please read these two stories: “Finding Flower” and “All Summer.” If you already read one or both, that’s okay! Just tell me you did, and read anything on my page (must be a poem, nobody reads my poems). When you do read them, or anything, please tell me what I will be reading in return on my front page. I will be happy to read anything in return as long as it’s not over ten minutes (or I’ll just read the first chapter)! Bye!


over 2 years ago Twilight Stevens said:

Hello, Would you mind checking out my irish romance short story, Dear Journal? If you don't do free reads, I am very open to swaps :)

Hearts are very deeply appreciated. Thank you! xoxox

Also, do you make covers? Or maybe you need one? Well if you do make or need one, please join my cover group, Italian Beautys. I am currently holding a competition, there are very few spots left so if you wish to enter be quick! The theme for it is romance. Contest end date: 12th May.

We welcome all ages and all cover making abilities :)


over 2 years ago Carlos Ordaz said:

Hello dear figment world, my name is Carlos and I am an aspiring writer who dreams of becoming published. I'm sure I share a similar dream with most of you. I'm on figment in an attempt to build a fanbase and improve my writing. In the few months I've been on this site, I've already learned and improved so much. I would be honored if you were willing to read a short story of mine and provide some feedback. I would be happy to return the favor, just post what you would like me to read on my wall. Becoming a published author is my dream and I've decided to risk everything to chase my dream. I'm taking time off from college to pursue this dream of mine and I would be grateful if you decided to read some of work. If you like what I wrote and only if YOU think I'm worthy of it, I would be honored if you followed me. Thank you for your time and have a lovely day.


over 2 years ago Emily Skrutskie said:

Hey there! I was wondering if you'd be up for a swap? If you're up for it, I'd love if you could read Summermeet. Just post what you'd like me to read in return on my profile, and I promise I'll give it a read and as much feedback as I can manage!

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