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10 days ago Rubie Mainprize said:

Hi, fancy a swap? Read and comment honestly on my experimental short story themed around depression and labelling theory, "RE1103", and I'll return the favour with a piece (or pieces) of yours equalling about the same length. This is a swap for proper feedback, however - not a heart swap. Let me know if you're interested, and if you'd like me to go first just say so!


10 days ago Eugene G. Black said:

Thank goodness, because truthfully, I'm quite proud of some of these pieces. Brownie points awarded. I adore quotes. Might be a little obsessed with them. Might be a lot obsessed with them.

I'll read it then, it sounds interesting, and I like surrounding myself with the few interesting writers on this site.

Hmm, you give fun reviews, and you're a good writer, too. I'll have to remember you. Stick around.


11 days ago Eugene G. Black said:

Heh, my wit is attracting followers, that's brilliant. I'll take it as a compliment.:D Hmm, well The Cellophane Kids was fun to write, and most folks seem to like it. Echo Of Myself has also received high praise. I don't really know how to recommend without coming off as prideful. XD Anything of yours you'd like me to take a peek at?


11 days ago Eugene G. Black said:

Thanks for following me! I'm glad you enjoy my work. :)

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11 days ago Lilly Mae James said:

Want to swap with me? Write on my wall if you do. You have two choices to choose from:

1. For Him: a collection of poems choose one to read 2. A Spec of dirt: poem

Thank u for ur time have a nice day.

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Echo Of Myself

(11 days ago)

This poem is way over my head, and yet that's how I know it's brilliant. It's the kind of poem that can't be digested all at once, but ha... Read More »


(14 days ago)

This is..beautifully tragic. I'm stunned. You've really tapped into your soul, and I can feel it here. I'm overwhelmed. I'm in awe. Wow, ... Read More »