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  • Steve caribbean
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    Steve: In the Caribbean

    The sequel to Steve, in which Steve takes his co-worker Ed on a trip to the Caribbean and stumbles upon some unlikely friends.

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  • Stulley4ee
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    The Adventures of Stulley

    A collaboration between Apocalypse Moon and I, involving Steve the penguin and Sulley the Dragon and their superhero adventures. AC…

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  • Montague
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    Mr. Montague

    Ghosts of feeling haunt me sometimes.

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  • Book4
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    A Book to Ignore

    You're a book I don't want to read, but I can't stop turning the pages.

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  • Broke2
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    I should be used to it, by now.

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  • Confessions2
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    Some LEGIT conversations between me and a boy I know. Not your average confession, and it's sure to make you laugh. :) I apologize fo…

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Talk to me!


18 days ago MidnightAria said:

AMY! I'm back! :D I don't even remember if I've replied to your last message :'( Anyway, I hope you're doing well :D


about 1 month ago Aerin said:

resent away. XD that's what they tend to sound like. XD hahahahahaha. I always crack up when I pitch my voice low. or high, or raspy, or anything. XD just keeping a straight face in general is terribly difficult. xD So, you're one better than me there. XD

I ate crayons all by myself as a five year old, so maybe you don't need to feel bad about that. but oh GOODNESS you sound the the world's worst babysitter! "here kiddo, eat this popcorn bag! it'll awaken your magical powers!!!! *starry eyes*" XD and it's quite a lot harder to earn and keep a kid's admiration when he lives with you. trust me. XD though, taking advantage of his ignorance is easier. XD


about 1 month ago Aurora Sanders said:

And I did read Matched. It was fairly good, not particularly memorable or anything...I tend NOT to like love triangles all that much.


about 1 month ago Aurora Sanders said:

It was this young writer's conference at Champlain College in Vermont — it's been going on for a few years now, and there were maybe 150ish people there. It was a weekend thing. I went to one in Maine this year too, over the summer, which was a full week.

Yeahhhh. Gen/Ran's pretty ridiculous sometimes. I check in now and then, sorta lurk, but ehhh. I've gotten into more disagreements there than I'd like to admit. XD None of my threads have ever been deleted though...

Ah, cool. It's great that you guys got to meet!

I have this huge 3-shelves bookcase, and a smaller 2-shelve one, and 2 huge 3-shelves ones downstairs...I'm addicted to reading pretty much. Ah well.


about 1 month ago Aurora Sanders said:

It was so great. We all ended up at this same writing conference so even though we live in 3 different states we ended up meeting. And yeah, Prism is super cool. She was apparently pretending to be an extrovert for the duration of the conference. We actually ended up talking about all the ridiculousness on Gen/Ran and going "Trigger warning ___" and then coming up with more and more ridiculous ones.

How did you guys arrange your meetup? (What I'm thinking is weren't you worried that each other were 50 y.o. creeps? XD)

Ahaha yes. I was organizing my bookshelves by genre last night and...I have SO many dystopians. I'm talking 2 precariously balanced piles if you stacked them all up.

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