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    Run Smooth

    (UNDERGOING REVISION) Spontaneity is Cassidy Lancelow's signature word. Wherever, whenever, she's ready to jump in. That is, except wh…

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    The Union Room

    Welcome to my Character Development Lodge.

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    Just You

    Don't mistake this for regret.

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    The Empty Pages

    Libby Timmons is the quiet girl in the back of the room that everyone overlooks. Previously homeless, she volunteers at her local Resc…

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    The Night that Never Ends

    The recurring nightmare of every insomniac.

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    My Song

    Tear-filled lullabies, heartbroken dreams.

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Talk to me!


2 months ago Phil F. said:

It's hard to say I've been consistently anything since we've talked last lol. I would love to hear what you've been up to, but I know Figment will be lost soon. Would you like my e-mail address or something? I hope I hear from you :)


2 months ago Fish Fingers and Custard said:

I'm really happy I could help at all :) I definitely wish I could have known some of this stuff when I was first starting in physics/astro. Believe me, none of us are very confident in ourselves at first. The people who think they know everything are always (in my experience anyway) the ones that have the most to learn.

Yeah, I was a warrior cats fan a while ago. Haven't read any of their books in a long time but I'm pretty sure I still own the first three series, and that they are all waiting for me on my bookshelf at home. Any writing on my page is from 2012 and earlier. I just rediscovered this website a few weeks ago from a friend who reminded me about Warrior Cats again, and I came hunting for the fanfiction! And OMG littlest pet shop! I had so many of those. And polly pockets. Except I would make my polly pockets live in a soap opera, basically. It was GoT polly pockets. My friends and I used to play warrior cats at recess in elementary school. Wow this is triggering a lot of old memories :,).

I'd love to talk more about astrophysics and school and college stuff. I'm not an expert (obviously :P ) but I have probably been through stuff that might be in your future. I'm currently avoiding studying for a quantum mechanics midterm....

Hopefully talk to you soon!



2 months ago Fish Fingers and Custard said:


I didn't quite "accidentally" become a physicist, I just said that because I was really into writing (hence being active on a writing website) but decided to go to college for Astrophysics. I'm now in my first semester of senior year at a large state university and am in the process of applying to graduate school. If you are in physics/astronomy right now and are questioning if you should continue, there are several things you should know.

First of all, an AB of B (my schools' grading system) is not the end of the world. You have to be able to tell yourself that it is okay to not be the absolute best in classes, because that is not all that matters. People will always be better than you and you will always be better than some others. I had a bit of a time getting over this freshman year because I got straight A's when I was in high school and college was a bit of a shock but after I got over the "I'm not an A++++ student anymore!" it was a lot easier to try to enjoy the material. When you aren't stressing about always getting an A, it makes it easier to learn and actually enjoy yourself.

Also, remember that grades aren't all that matters! If you decide to go into physics, what will matter more is your research you do with faculty and at other schools. They will write you letters of recommendation that are the most important things you will get in your undergraduate career. I do NOT have a 4.0, not even close, but I've worked at both Harvard and Fermilab (and been accepted into Caltech summer programs twice, couldn't attend). Your personal work matters so much more.

In regards to wondering if you should stick with it, just know that none of my friends love physics all the time. We constantly complain about classes and homework and professors. We usually like the material and ideas and camaraderie of the other students. You do not have to love what you do all the time! However, if you find yourself hating every moment of what you're doing, you probably aren't in the right place. If you're in the intro classes, they usually aren't the best and don't necessarily represent the upper level physics classes. A way to find out if you actually should be in physics is to find research to do with a professor outside of classes. If you enjoy doing that, you probably are in the right place. (I work in two labs, one in astronomy and one in physics but I LOVE the astronomy work more than the physics work, so keep that in mind as well.)

I hope this is helpful! It's a bit rambly. I love talking about physics ans astronomy. If you have any other questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask!! I know the website is going down soon so if you'd like my email, let me know!! Good luck :)


3 months ago Phil F. said:

Hey, you. Are you out there in this virtual void?


4 months ago C. Van Asch (Chesster) said:

Figment is moving to Underlined! Either transition when Underlined opens or find a new writing website. Save your writing!

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