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    This was inspired by, once again, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. You know, in season 3 when Dru leaves Spike.

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    This poem was inspired by the ending of Season 6 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

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    First off, this is alot shorter than I thought it was... It hasnt really been properly edited yet, and I may change somethings up, but…

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    Not So Gentle Whispers

    Blackouts, chunks of time seem to just go missing from Krayne Carter's life. Feelings of paranoia haunt him, and where ever he goes, …

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    This story is for the seventeen magazine contest, so please read this first!!!!! It was partially inspired by the song Always by Panic…

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    It's Dinner, Dear!

    This is for the Fright 'N Write contest. I had pictures 5, 28, and 29. Its basically about an unusually unusual dinner party.

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Could you please check out my novel 'The Decedents (Welcome To Wonderland)'

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Hi! Are you willing to swap with me? I was wondering if you could read and heart "Between the Lines" or "The Wind Speaks" whichever tickles your fancy. In return I'll gladly read and heart a story of your choice. Thanks!

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