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  • Fallen will
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    The Fallen Will Rise Again

    *One of the winners for the Game of Lives contest!* :D Short story for the video game short story contest. Hope you enjoy and t…

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  • Nothing to fear
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    Nothing To Fear

    A sneak peek/attention grabber for a series I'm working on about Creation. More to come soon! :D

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  • 1228369408780
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    Fall of the Gods

    So I was listening to this today: (Star Spangled Banner sung in Minor Key) As I was li…

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  • Untitled
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    Pandora's Box

    The start of a series I've been working on. More to come very soon! Thanks for reading! :) ~Sean

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  • The-last-world-hd-inspirational-showcase-of-2011
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    How To Change The World

    This book is nothing more than my personal beliefs that I see other people are ignoring. Not saying that everything in here is flawles…

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  • Tumblr_l03swtred31qa9armo1_500
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    Marching Band

    Dear all marching children, there is now a marching band poem ^_^ YAY!!!! Anywho, if you look in the genres you'd see that I did click…

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over 1 year ago David Livingston Hawkins III said:

It would be great for you to check out my poetry collection, Chasing Shadows, or my short story that is based on my experience, Her.


over 1 year ago Izzy Carter said:

Congrats on being featured fig, Sean!


over 1 year ago CEMO said:

congrats on being featured fig!


over 1 year ago Kelly Anne Blount said:

Fun through insanity writing club is a fun place to talk about writing, get reviews, share your stories, get advice, play games, and even take lessons on how to write better. :) Join today if you're interested!

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Pandora's Box

(about 4 years ago)

Thank you, my friend, for your input. I do realize that it can be very predictable but I have a few twists up my sleeve that I think you ... Read More »


(almost 5 years ago)

Thanks David! This is the result of a very sleep deprived band nerd ;3 and ok I'll keep that in mind, thanks for the input :D Read More »