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  • Toronto_zombie-walk_01
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    The Beginning of the End

    =Rabies early symptoms: -Fever -Headache -General Tiredness -Discomfort, numbness, or pain at the sight of the bite. =Rabies late…

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  • 420540_353976494620178_100000234915349_1342155_826941270_n
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    Midnight Wishes

    The ratty old doll you used to drag around. You didn't care whether or not you squeezed its neck too hard, or if you got it dirty, or …

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  • Ahannah&drake2
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    A Wedding- A Hannah & Drake short story

    Hannah takes Drake through her imagination to tell the story of her “perfect” wedding. Comment/react/and heart please, and read the ot…

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  • Wt
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    The Boy With the Camera

    ~To get something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done~ When Lillian Nicholas leaves her small town in the …

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  • Cover-normal
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    If I Ever Saw You Again

    That feeling you get when you realize you've lost someone so long ago who could have been the best person in your life, and now there'…

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  • The_heart
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    Stars and Birds

    A childhood romance :)

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Talk to me!


about 2 years ago Julia W. said:

Hello, HLite! Are you an artist? Check out our new banner contest on Hogwarts Life for the chance to have your work displayed on a prominent group. Thanks :)



over 2 years ago Julia W. said:

Hi, Potterhead! Swap? If you read this story (linked below) from The Hogwarts Society, a great HP fanfiction series, then I'll read anything of yours. Please let me know what to read on my page, not The Hogwarts Society's page. Thanks :)



over 2 years ago Kristie Petillo said:

Excuse me, Miss Wood, would you mind doing a swap? You name your price in exchange for reading my Pandemic Of Pachyderms. That's right, name any amount of stories (but don't go crazy please), in exchange for one read and review. Just click the picture below to be taken to the story. Thanks!

Illustrations for Pandemic Of Pachyderms are located at: http://extrovertedoliveoil.deviantart.com

Pandemic Of Pachyderms photo Cover.jpg


over 2 years ago J.J. Alim said:

Hey there! Will you help me out? “More than Words Can Ever Say” is in a heart-based contest and I’m desperate for hearts. Would greatly appreciate hearts for them but if you’re not up for free hearts/reads or swaps, I’m sorry for this post. Thanks for your time. ~J.J.


over 2 years ago Valkerie Thomas said:

Hey there! :) My short story, Paper Flowers, could use a little love right now. I'd really love a free read, but I'm willing to swap for anything about six minutes long or less, and will always leave some feedback. All I ask is that you do the same and then let me know ON MY PROFILE what piece you want me to read in return. And if you don't want me to read a piece of yours, I'd be happy to read someone else's. ^^

Also, if you have a little extra time, I'd love it if you checked out Granted as well. ^^ That'd bring the total to twelve minutes, so I'd be happy to read slightly longer works.

If you don't want to free read/swap, I'm terribly sorry for bothering you. Have a great day and best of luck with whatever writing projects you take on! :)


P.S. Terribly sorry if I've already asked you. I took a slight break from Figment and I'm having some difficulty remembering exactly who I swapped with. ^^"

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My Reviews

Bye, Bye Benni

(over 3 years ago)

I’m going to start out with the mistakes (if any) that I find while I’m reading, and then summarize it up at the end :) ~ “I don’t rec... Read More »

Hidden in the Trees

(over 3 years ago)

This was really interesting! I've definitely never heard of anything like it before. You used your word limit nicely, much better than I ... Read More »