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over 4 years ago S.J. Bouquet said:

Hello :) Would you be willing to do a swap? My piece is 18 minutes long, three chapters, roughly 3,500 words. I will read anything of yours in return, or first if you wish. My story is called "Odd Couple". Please let me know if you're interested.

P.S. I also appreciate free reads, or if you give me a good comment/review I could make a cover for one of your stories :)


over 4 years ago Kira Martin said:

Hello there! Would you be interested in checking out my short story, Boy Meets Thief? I’d love to swap, though a free read would be amazing (but not necessary). Have a great day! :3


over 4 years ago J.J. Alim said:

Hey there! Will you help me out? I wrote “Caught in the Crossfire” and “More than Words Can Ever Say” for different heart-based contests and I’m desperate for hearts. Would greatly appreciate hearts for them but if you’re not up for heart/read swaps, I’m sorry for this post. Thanks for your time. ~J.J.


over 4 years ago Ash S.H. said:

Hey! So I'm really pressed for hearts. Mind swapping? Read and heart "Of Popsicles"? And I'll return the favor!

Thanks for reading and I'm sorry if I've already bothered you about this! I hope you decide to help me :)


PS: Remember! The contest's voting period expires tomorrow at 5:00 PM, and that means this request does as well. I hope you decide to help me :)

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over 4 years ago EliAna said:

Hello fellow pro-life figgie! M'name's Eliana, and I'm here to nudge you. As in, hey, Figment has a ton of contests, you are a writer, and you care about abortion. Would you be willing to write a short submission to a contest about someone affected by abortion? We need to bring all of abortion's skeletons out of the closet! In fact, closeted skeletons are good story material. Secretive. And Figment–coincidentally–is holding a flash-fiction contest about secrets. "In 250 words or fewer, write about a secret. Tag your story SecretsFlash. The entry period closes on Tuesday, March 19 at 11:59 p.m. ET." The five winners get their stories on the homepage (hello publicity!) and a copy of Unremembered by Jessica Brody. Hope you write! Be blessed. :)

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