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About Me: Hey! I'm a published Author of Illuminate my World and I'm also working on a few other projects like Our Father and Being a Model, please check those out. Featured fig for the week of 01/27/16. If you would like to buy my book, here's the link: Oh and please check out my fig sister Lea, she has some great books and poems to read!

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    Illuminate my World

    Brielle is a young woman trying to find herself in a world that abandoned her. The thing is, she's trapped in the past and unable to move forward. New challenges arise as someone from her past comes back and tries to help her. But why?

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8 days ago An9e1 said:

Hey, I finished your covers, so go check them out in the forum :D


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about 1 month ago Ignorant To Life said:

Interested in CONTESTS to help further your writing abilities or creating a contest??

Interested in COVERS to accessorize your stories, or making covers?

Interested in REVIEWS to help critique multiple elements in current works, or being a reviewer?

Interested in SWAPS?

If you said "YES" to any of these questions, please join "Contests, Covers, Reviews, and More..."! We'd love to have you, you amazing Figgie!

Contests, Covers, Reviews, and More...

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about 1 month ago Tess Segal said:

Hi! Care to do a short story swap? If so, how about "Cruelty's Best Wishes" for "Sketches"?

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