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The vampire diaries

almost 4 years ago Shammi said:

Hey would you like to swap with me, Dipika? (:


over 4 years ago book.coffee.autumn said:

Have you ever read a piece that had love, betrayal, and what not… in a minute? The Sinners have so much emotion in and you won’t believe it, but then you’d have to believe it because you just read it…. Anyway read The Sinners!


almost 5 years ago IzzyFizzy said:

I have done something very, very bad. I have entered a heart-contest. Now, before you start reprimanding me for sacrificing the next few weeks of my life to a swap, let me explain myself.

I didn't want to. I promised myself that after the TimeRider contest, that was it. But then I saw this prompt. And then came the idea. The terrible, awful, wonderful idea. And here I am, on my knees begging you.

It will only take four minutes of your life, and I in return offer you up to ten minutes of my own. Read my piece 'Foreign Matters' and I will read what you wish me to. Only say the word and it shall be done.


about 5 years ago Rachel Maller said:

Hello fellow fig! Can you please read and heart Hope Forgotten. It’s about 2 minutes long. I’m trying to reach a goal of 2400 hearts. Will read anything of yours for the swap. Thank you :) Sorry if I already asked


about 5 years ago Halena Sparks said:

Hi, I’m in the Catherine contest. I would love it if you read my entry, Written in the Stars, and heart it (if you deserved). Please help me and I will read anything in return (I won’t necessarily heart your work if you heart mine but I will try my best to give an honest review). If you already received this message or don’t do swaps, then I am so sorry and feel free to ignore. Have a good day!

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