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About Me: *NOTICE* I will be publishing all of my poems on my Teen Ink account...all novels and stories will stay on figment. If you would like to see some quick reads, head on over to Teen Ink!

Figment Writings

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    Grim(m) Retellings

    SO FAR: THE 6 SWANS. My versions of the Brothers Grimm fairytales. Cover Courtesy of Isabel Filiponne.

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    Fragments of my Psyche

    This is a collection of my most up-to-date poetry. These ideas sort of just come out of how I am feeling- in some ways, I'm kind of l…

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  • Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 4.24.00 pm

    The Great Ocean

    Destiny is the key to reuniting her people with their spirit guides; the blue whales. *Cover courtesy of cupcake_writer*

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  • Wolf within cover

    Wolf Within

    Keira's life fell apart when her father died in a traumatic car crash. Yet Keira can't get it out of her head that there was somethin…

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1 day ago Eloise Maybelle said:

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1 day ago daisy:) said:

Photo credit: L'Olseau bleu Bird cage_09 by ajari, licensed for use by CC 2.0.

Hope you enjoy the cover! Let me know if you'd like any edits or anything! Good luck with publishing!

Good gracious light

4 days ago Leighanna Hornick said:

Will do - I'll get on it right away :)

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5 days ago Damian Drue said:

I have the cover done, but I can't post it. If you wish me to email it to you, email me at: ASAP. If you find anything that you would like differently with the cover, just tell me, and I will edit it and get back to you ASAP

Thanks, Damian Drue

Good gracious light

5 days ago Leighanna Hornick said:

I would be more than happy to make you a cover. Let me know what you want the cover to look like and the title/author name you want on it. I will make sure to use legal photos. Thanks!

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