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About Me: *NOTICE* I will be publishing all of my poems on my Teen Ink account...all novels and stories will stay on figment. If you would like to see some quick reads, head on over to Teen Ink!

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    Project: Hope

    A compilation of poetry, short stories, diary
    entries, and interviews, detailing the
    extraordinary lives of refugee children who
    have resettled in Indianapolis, Indiana in the
    hopes of a better life.

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6 days ago Kitsune96 said:

UPDATE: We are now looking for designers! Anyone interested is more than welcome to participate! Spots are limited, so be sure to sign up here!

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17 days ago Isabel Filippone said:

I made one more option for you.

Eye of love

18 days ago Arianna Night (Online) said:

Eye of love

18 days ago Arianna Night (Online) said:

You're cover is ready! I will post the link in the forum and here on your page.

Eye of love

18 days ago Arianna Night (Online) said:

No problem. Just to let you know, I use links to give you the covers. The site I am using though is acting up so when I say that your cover is ready you must save as your cover or you won't be able to access it. Just letting you know. :)

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