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About Me: *NOTICE* I will be publishing all of my poems on my Teen Ink account...all novels and stories will stay on figment. If you would like to see some quick reads, head on over to Teen Ink!

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    Project: Hope

    A compilation of poetry, short stories, diary
    entries, and interviews, detailing the
    extraordinary lives of refugee children who
    have resettled in Indianapolis, Indiana in the
    hopes of a better life.

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6 days ago ℒea said:

You never got back to me, do you like the covers I made for you?


12 days ago ℒea said:

I have these posted in the forums, but I wanted you to see them right away. I hope that you like them, if you need or want anything changed let me know.


14 days ago Sasha M. Myron said:

Hi Madelyn. I have accepted your cover challenge and here's my entry. I have also posted it on the forum.