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    Grim(m) Retellings

    SO FAR: THE 6 SWANS. My versions of the Brothers Grimm fairytales. Cover Courtesy of Isabel Filiponne.

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    Fragments of my Psyche

    This is a collection of my most up-to-date poetry. These ideas sort of just come out of how I am feeling- in some ways, I'm kind of l…

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    The Great Ocean

    Destiny is the key to reuniting her people with their spirit guides; the blue whales. *Cover courtesy of cupcake_writer*

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  • Wolf within cover
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    Wolf Within

    Keira's life fell apart when her father died in a traumatic car crash. Yet Keira can't get it out of her head that there was somethin…

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  • The colorful cassidy blanche
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    The Colorful Cassidy Blanche

    THIS IS ALSO ON MY WATTPAD ACCOUNT. My dealings with the colorful Miss Cassidy Blanche. Inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "Th…

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  • I wasn't always this way
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    I wasn't always this way

    First in the series "Discarded Souls" From the point of view of Haymitch from the hunger games. This is the kind of deep stuff th…

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about 1 month ago Crystal Rose Selburn said:

Hello, Madelyn! I'm so sorry for the cover delay, but I got the cover done immediately and here it is! I truly hope you come back to my cover shop ,thank you so much for being patient and choosing Eccentrics' Cover Shoppe! I hope you enjoy the cover I have made for "Down with the King - Madelyn Neal. I'm not doing free covers if you or anyone else wants to apply and order a cover! Thank you again fellow Figgy!

 photo DownwiththeKing-MadelynNeal-AfterCover_zps4d68f671.jpg


about 1 month ago Melody Pond said:

Thank you so much for the heart on John Green!! I hope you liked it :) Cheers- Melody


about 1 month ago MichaelaAlys said:


about 1 month ago MichaelaAlys said:

These are the two covers that I made, please just let me know if you want another or if you want anything changed I would be happy to do so! [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]

Shot glass

3 months ago Luna said:

Hey! Please tell me that you're still interested in our Robin Hood PRP! I met Robin Hood and joined his band of Merry Men yesterday and no, I'm not joking! Stories to follow if you respond to our PRP!

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(8 months ago)

This was well written and I liked all of the repetition of 'hope'. Good! Read More »

A ledge. A person on the edge.

(9 months ago)

Okay, I really liked this, but there are two pointers I would suggest. The first: I would like to know more about how the narrator f... Read More »