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    Captive Hearts

    Xavier Peterson has been missing for three months, and everyone's grown worried. With Xavier's shady past coming out of the shadows, h…

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  • Mukuroxhibari6
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    Perpetual Renaissance

    Sometimes the littlest things hold life-changing secrets within. In Ran's case - it's poetry.

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  • Ramenay7
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    Akihiro - living under the roof of an abusive mother- begins to notice strange things are happening to him. Things an eight-year-old s…

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  • Anime_boy_white_hair-31589
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    Sayonara Memories

    (WArning: Yaoi, Suggestive Themes and Vulgar language.) Haru and Katsumi have been together for a few months - but something's been bo…

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  • Cover
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    Seeking Melancholy

    A Monorhyme/Poem.

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  • Wand of fortune 53
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    A short recollection of Kou Kamui's past - it wasn't exactly the best past he could ask for - full of regrets and silent pleads - but …

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over 1 year ago Amethyst Rising said:

HI! If you like BTS fanfiction can you please head over to my profile and check out my Harry Potter AU fan fiction about the BTS members being in an unstoppable quidditch team. It's called "Born Wizard." Kpop fans should support other Kpop fans and I'll be glad to check out any of your stories or give free hearts if that's what you want instead.


over 4 years ago Sebastian Matthew said:

Wanna swap? If so please read and heart the first prologue my novel in progress called "Grim". Sorry if you don't do swaps or if I already asked you. Thanks, Sebastian S :D


over 4 years ago D. Claire said:

Hey there! I recently wrote a Death Note fanfic for the fanfiction contest! Check it out (and please drop a heart) and I'd be happy to swap!

To accept, just leave a comment or write on my profile to let me know what you'd like me to read!


almost 5 years ago Dennis Mawson said:

Hey, i have a new group i think you might enjoy. Check it out, and discuss great books, read great books, just talk or even roleplay! How cool is that? Check it out here.


almost 5 years ago Whimsically_Me said:

Hi, would you care to swap? If so could you please read my short story Nothing Left But You and post on my wall what you would like read in return? It is about 2min long and I'd like yours to be roughly the same length. I admit, this is for a heart-based contest, BUT please only heart it if it deserves it. I don't like hearts for no reason. And please leave a comment or review of what you thought, I enjoy getting feedback on my writing. I'll do the same for you. Thanks for your time!

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(over 5 years ago)

It's very well written - I loved it. Though I don't normally read poetry, I felt compelled to read your poem(: It was well made and flowe... Read More »

The Deviates

(over 5 years ago)

It's very intriguing thus far, and I crave to read more. I find no pertinent errors you need to attend to, and this is already very well-... Read More »