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about 4 years ago Hannah Claire said:

I just created a group for fans of the Sisters Grimm series and I'd love it if you could join!


over 4 years ago Adara James said:

Hey. Are you interested in erotica? (Please say yes!) If you are, continue reading. If not, that's cool, too.

I was wondering if you would check out one of my books. I am an erotica writer and everything you find on my page is erotica.

"Abducted" is my first erotic novel. It is, quite admittedly, messed up in ways. I meant for it to be messed up. I know that it is messed up.

"Posh Boys Fuck Good" is my second erotic novel. It is all much more consensual than "Abducted" and less messed up.

"Battery Operated" is my third erotic novel. It is the one I am most actively writing as it is for Camp NaNoWriMo. It has less sex between two people as the first two books do. This book is more about self-pleasure.

I hope you choose to read something of mine. I am not an erotic novelist by trade. I am mainly a Young Adult/New Adult author and only recently have I gotten into the sexier side and went further than the "fades to black" bit. I try to write my stories as if they are general fiction with the added bonus of sex. What I mean is, if you took out the in depth sex scenes, the books would be just as good. I'd like to know how I am doing at this.

If you'd rather do a swap than a free read then I will swap as well. But free reads are always great.

Thanks for your time!

**Adara James**


over 4 years ago Emmaline Cavanaugh said:

Hey guys! I was just wondering if you wanted to swap poems with me. If you're interested, please leave me the name of your poem that you'd like me to read. (let's try to keep it down to a one or two minute read, please), and then head over to my page to read "To Matt." If you're not interested, or you don't have any poetry, then just disregard this. Thanks, and God bless your day!


over 4 years ago Murphy. T. S. said:


Starting now I will try my best to answer all swaps. If I do not get back to I apologize. Also to people who asked about swaps I will try to get back to you, but if I don't i'm very sorry.



over 4 years ago Madeleine G. said:


Please read/heart my short story, "PERCEPTION OF DECEPTION"...I only have a couple days left to make the quota for this contest & I'm really trying hard to make it!

If you would like me to read something in return, let me know and I'll get to it ASAP. Please disregard this if you have already hearted-it's hard to keep track of everyone!

Thanks so much! ~M

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Those Green Eyes

(over 5 years ago)

I love this book you wrote. I haven't finished it yet, but i know it will be good. So keep up the good work. Mrphy T.S. Read More »