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  • Doily
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    Ink to Flesh

    A young writer's creation comes to life one night when a storm hits the town. . . Then find out what happens when the writer has to de…

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  • Female knight
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    Female Knight

    This is part of my scriptfrenzy piece that I wrote in April. I would appreciate comments and thoughts on how this script is. This is a…

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  • Walking away
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    Split Decisions

    A teenage girl must make the ultimate decision, go out with her best friends boyfriend or walk away from the situation. What will she …

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  • Lies
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    Broken Lies

    A young adult attempts to go on a date with her boyfriend whom her parent's have forbidden her to see.

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  • Alcatraz prison ghostly
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    Alcatraz Disaster

    Two friends defy their new government by sneaking into Alcatraz one night. They wish to satisfy their suspicions upon what had happene…

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  • Female knight
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    Female Knight

    A girl, the age of thirteen is thrown into the world of men, albeit unknowingly. Her name is Kydin and she becomes one of the greatest…

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Talk to me!


over 2 years ago The Strayed Wannabe said:

Hello fellow writer. I am sure you believe in saying that for everyone to improve, he/she needs help from each other. No man is an island. So must the writers. I want to hone my writing skill while helping other writers also. In this community, there is only one thing that will allow me to do that---SWAP. If you are not busy and still have a lot of time to entertain yourself a bit, we could help each other by reading our works and giving feedbacks about it. If you are willing to this my friend, I prefer you to read my new writing, "APPEARANCE." Your comment is highly appreciated! Let's begin our adventure!

Good day!


over 4 years ago Sebastian Matthew said:

Swap? If so please read and heart what I have of my novel in progress called "Grim".


over 4 years ago Kia Alan said:

Would you care to swap? If so please read Arachnophobia and I'll read anything in return. Thank you!


over 4 years ago Ashley Nedu said:


so I haven't ever won anything in my life... (literally) and it would mean the world to me if you would please check out my short story The Roommate. I've entered it into a contest and there are several stages to go through. The first being the judges have to like it, but the second is it has to have the most hearts...

I know a lot of people don't do swaps on here but if so could I ask for a free read? I really need this. I have been contemplating quitting writing and if I win this it'll help me raise my hopes for being published and I won't have to give up on my dream.

If you find it good enough for a heart or even a follow I will do the same in turn. Thank you and I apologize if you either don't do swaps or if this is a repeat.



over 4 years ago Kylie Marie said:

Hello all my fellow figgie!! I am currently competing in the Summer Romance Contest, I need your help.

Read my short story Paper Hearts, comment, hearts are loved (if deserved), and possibly spread the word about it!

If you want me to read something of yours, I'd be more than happy to.

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(over 5 years ago)

I love the way that this poem is written. I have read the Scarlet Letter and the way that your poem has captured it is classic. Read More »

Billy and Aslex

(about 6 years ago)

I did like this story, however you never included the prompt in your story. However, this had a good plot and I am left wondering how it ... Read More »