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    I heard people speaking, very seriously, as I was constantly coming and going to and from that dark land called “unconsciousness”. …

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    My Love

    Annaleise has just lost everything, her family, her identity, and her heart, to the Nazis. What's left for her? And why does she ca…

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    My Writing (8th Grade)

    These are some stories and reports I did for writing class in 8th grade.

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    My Writing (9th Grade)

    Just my assignments for writing class.

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Talk to me!


over 4 years ago Victoria Guyadeen said:

Hey! Please check out my new book Jesus talk. It's encouraging and will give you the chance to grow in your faith. Have a blessed and amazing day!

*Authors note: This is not a swap. However I am willing to swap just let me know if you would rather swap.


almost 5 years ago Noelle L. said:

Wow, great work on all of your stories. I really would appreciate it if you could take about 2 min. to read a story of mine called Quills. It would make my day if you could, thanks so much! If you would like me to read a story of yours too, I would be happy to. I want to let you know that I appreciate each and every heart and comment. Thanks so much! I love all the covers, especially Imperfection's.


about 5 years ago Tori Bowers said:

Hey there! Will you please read "True Love Prevails" and heart if you like it (just 5 mins)? If you don't like it or have some constructive criticism I'd love to hear it! Thank you :) I'd Love to do a swap :)If I've already posted on your wall I'm sorry :)


over 5 years ago Anna Emerson said:

Just so y'all know... I'm workin' on a new story right now. I'll post what I have, but it doesn't even have a anme yet, tso for now it'll just be "Untitled". And also, I'm gonna start adding playlists to each of my stories. IPML!!! (That means "I'll post more later".)


almost 6 years ago Han L said:

Thank you for reading my story "A Horrible Type of Friend" (:

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