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  • Don__t_forget_me_by_sweet_reality_xo
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    Forget My Love

    Even if you are not a "Christian," please read this. I wrote it on Valentine's Day for a girls' bible study.

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  • Forgiving-yourself
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    Sick of Forgiving

    I know that in my life, I reach a point where I just get sick of forgiving the same person or the same thing over and over again, if y…

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  • 85357355406986412_n5yhmvgp_c
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    Waiting with Love

    This is a side to a love story that often isn't told. It's a part of my love story so it is personal but at the same time, relatable a…

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  • Fgf
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    True Reflection

    As girls, we all go through stages of feeling trapped by our own insecurities. If you have or are feeling this way, please read this! …

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  • Friends-e1340552290653
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    Saved Lives

    Antibullying poem I wrote, please read it and let me know what you think :)

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  • Blinders
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    This is a short poem I wrote that shows how we have blinders that focus of on our own lives and not nessicarily the lives of others.

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almost 3 years ago Catherine Nevin said:

Hey there fellow figster! Want to swap? If you could read "Distant Heart" (a poem) or "Annabelle" (a short story) it would be much appreciated. I will read anything of yours that isn't over… half an hour, unless you REAlly want me to, and then maybe I could make an exception. So, if you want to swap, read my story then post the name of the story you want me to read ON MY PROFILE! Not in a comment please! Thanks! Also, I absolutely LOVE feedback, so any you might have is more than welcome.



almost 4 years ago clara johnson said:

Hey! I was wondering if you would like to join Pro-Choice VS Pro-Life? It's a controversial debating group that centers around abortion. If you want to join, you can get to the group on my wall.


PS:I understand if you don't want to get involved, so feel free to ignore this :)


about 4 years ago sora said:

Hey! nice to meet a fellow Christian here, :) God bless you ♥


about 4 years ago God Girl said:

Instead of a traditional swap, I'd like to honestly critique two of your pieces in exchange for a look at my blog, Forever Changed, a new site centered on forming a community for Christians. For a follow (done by simply entering in your email), I'll critique three pieces, but you should only follow the blog if you find interest in receiving new posts and updates. Contact me on my wall if you are interested! God Bless!


over 4 years ago Jada said:

Hey would you mind reading my story "All In"? I absolutely love your writing and it would be an honor if you read it :)

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(about 5 years ago)

Alright so this is intense!! And the suspense and action is so engaging. What I like most is that, as a reader, I kept asking myself ques... Read More »

The Nines

(about 5 years ago)

Okay, you have SO much voice when you write. I really liked the description in the beginning, it really allowed me to connect with the at... Read More »