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  • Phone4
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    The Dead and Buried

    Hayden Walker wasn't supposed to come back from the dead. She is revived by an ancient curse and dug out of her grave by a body-snatch…

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  • Wonder
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    The Wonder Show

    Evie Critchett was a criminal before she joined The Wonder Show. It was easy to commit her crimes, born with the ability to shift into…

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  • Trunk2
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    The Trunk

    They all think that Megan is possessed. Kasey is determined to prove them wrong.

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  • Timekeeper
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    Tick Tock

    Isaac knows the future. He has visions, dreams, of things to come, and he writes them down. If he gets too close to someone, he can se…

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  • Snow2
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    *FULL VERSION* When Isabel Byron spends the winter at her grandfather's lake house, she discovers a centuries-old, bloodthirsty vampir…

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  • Headless
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    Lucy investigates the strange disappearances that all occur in the abandoned village next to her small town.

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Talk to me!

Sanya k

9 months ago Haley Kissell said:

Hi there! I'm Haley *waves* it seems like it's been awhile since anyone stopped by to say hello so I thought I would. Have a great day and I hope to maybe hear back from you.


Cute babie animals

over 1 year ago Aimee Faith said:

Hi I was wondering if you could please read some of my books. If you do please leave a comment or any other sort of thing. Thx


over 1 year ago Ae Clane said:

Hello. If you have the time, please read one of my prose poems and let me know what you think about it. Thank you. :)


almost 2 years ago Cece said:

Hey there! I was reading your profile and you seem really interesting, I was just wondering if you'd like to swap? I just posted the first chapter of a story I'm working on and I'd really appreciate some feedback, so if you could even read a few paragraphs of Dead Girl Walking and I'll read any of your stories I would be so grateful!


almost 2 years ago Nom De Guerre said:

want to swap? Chapter for chapter/chapter for story under 500 words

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My Reviews

Happily Ever After

(almost 3 years ago)

I am in love with this story. It reminds me of Game of Thrones in a way, and I did notice some specific similarities between them (such a... Read More »

The Other Girl

(almost 3 years ago)

I enjoyed this story. There were a lot of great descriptions and similes that added richness to the piece, and the story itself pulled me... Read More »