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  • Impossible
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    Briggs Morrison is the star football player. Kyler Smith is your average (somewhat) outcast teengirl. When Briggs gets in a terrible f…

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  • Untitled-2-1
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    More Than This...

    When Ryatt Mason, the normal baseball playing of Jameson Mason, meets an old family friends, his whole life is upside down. Codie Burn…

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  • Weekend cabin
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    What Really Happened???

    (Prequel to More Than This...) What happens when four best friends have a party? This is what happens. First off you end up having fi…

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  • Nothingevenmatters2
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    Nothing Even Matters

    When Ryatt and Codie Mason has two sets of twins, they didn't expect their lives to be so crazy. Let's follow the lives of their four …

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  • Neverchange3-1
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    Never Change

    James has always had a hard life, from his father abusing him and dealing with his emotional needs. Kennedy has always been there for …

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  • Dreamcatcher1
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    Six Word Memiors

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over 3 years ago Elizabeth Solomon said:

Hey, do you like One Direction? I have a new Harry Styles fanfic that I'd love for you to read. If you want, we can make this a swap as well. Please check out "Don't Judge A Guy By His Boy Band". Thanks, and love. http://figment.com/books/800796-Don-t-Judge-A-Guy-By-His-Boy-Band XOXO E.S.

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over 3 years ago Elizabeth Solomon said:

*Notice, you're receiving this comment because you are following me on Figment.*

Hey, my name is Elizabeth, and I have a new cover shop. If you need one, or know someone who does, or are just plain bored, please check it out. XOXO, E.S.



over 4 years ago Fritz said:

Hey, I was wondering if you would like to read the first chapter of my story, Shadows. Only if you want to though because I DO NOT DO SWAPS (sorry). I would love (and could really use) some critiquing. I’m really sorry if you hate these things on your wall, and totally understand if you feel the need to leave any sort of angry comment on my profile about how I truly must be an awful person for asking for a free read. Sorry again for taking your time and wall space. Thanks :)


over 4 years ago Rob said:



over 4 years ago Ryan James said:

Hello! Want to swap?? If so, I will read and honestly critique any one of your stories if you join the group Get Halo Back. Thanks!!!

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Waiting For Her

(over 4 years ago)

I really love Les Miserables, and Poetry! So thank you for making this. I think it was really creative to make this about cossette. Maybe... Read More »