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  • Thousand years 2
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    A Thousand Years

    "I have died everyday waiting for you Darling don't be afraid I have loved you For a thousand years I'll love you for a thousand mo…

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  • Stronger cover
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    A story about beating the odds. In honor of all who have fought for another day to live.

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  • Peter and wendy fun
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    Peter & Wendy

    I remember everything about her – that thousand watt smile, her kind eyes, and her amazing laugh. I remember how happy she made me and…

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  • Pain figment contestcover
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    (COVER CREDIT TO kahwe- Deviant Art) You never know what you have until you lose it. Those words never held more meaning in Angela Sa…

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  • Random adventure cover
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  • Random adventure cover.2
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    My Kind of Random - Awesome Adventure

    Coming soon

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over 3 years ago Alli the fangirl said:

The Indians have been captured, the fairies are trapped, the lost boys are on the run and Peter Pan?... Peter Pan has been kidnapped by the pirates. Can you help save everyone?

Screen shot 2015-10-24 at 8.53.02 pm

over 3 years ago Cathtasy said:

Swap? If so, please read/review "Tomorrows" on my page and I'll do the same to whatever you want me to read. I give reviews that are lengthy and hopefully helpful, I don't just put, "wow that was great!" if you know what I mean. So let me know if you want to swap!


almost 4 years ago Animus Draconis said:


over 4 years ago Jada said:

Hey there! I was wondering if you would mind swapping with me? Please read my story "Cassie", heart/comment if deserved, and just leave a comment on my wall what you would like me to read. Thank you!


over 4 years ago Jayleena Weston said:

This, sadly, is a copy-and-paste message. Why? Because it's contest season on Figment, and writing out individual pleas to read my piece would take way too long.

(I promise you, I hate these too.)

SO! I entered the "FanFiction" contest, and my piece really needs some love to even start to make it to the top ten. It IS a heart-based contest (now I'm doing two things I hate), so, honestly, you don't even have to read it. Just click the heart and go.

I'm willing to swap, but I would much rather just have free reads. Again, contest season. Anything that takes away from precious promoting time is, well, I'm pretty sure you understand.

Bet your bottom dollar, you'll love it!!

Thank you for putting up with this!!! :D

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