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  • Thelastsunset
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    The Last Sunset

    In the final years of Earth's existence, people had to adapt to live without a sun. When two family's get given 48 hours to save thems…

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  • 6i9tky
    • 27
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    You Did WHAT Now?

    George tries his best to please his best friend Dave, but never seems to do anything right. As naive as George is, many readers find i…

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  • 6dqvls
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    I dont normally write depressing stuff like this because I am not depressed :P I am only writing this just do explore different types …

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  • 3700352949_72415edfc9
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    The Drought

    A short story about how a beast survives the longest drought Africa has ever witnessed.

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  • Tunnel-fire
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    The Tunnels Boy

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The groove shark

almost 2 years ago Lynne Delaine said:

Hey, do you still come on Figment? I was just remembering some figfriends (sorry, I tend to "fig-ify" words while I'm on here) and I found a drawing you did of me back in like 2012. Back then I probably still went by In Peaceful Slumber.


over 3 years ago Rita Hemmings said:

Your old friends uncle is Alan Rickman?!


over 3 years ago Emily the Punk said:

Hey, I was wondering if you maybe wanted to swap? I'd really like for you to read my story (there's only one so it shouldn't be too hard to find, haha) and I'd be more than happy to read any of yours. You don't have to read the whole thing, it's kinda long, and I'll even leave a comment on your story. =)


over 3 years ago Cora Welliver said:

whats ur kik?


almost 4 years ago Elnora Miles said:

Hey! Want to swap? Please read my story, "The Infernal," and tell me what you think. I will be more than obliged than to read anything you ask. Peace

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Boston Marathon Bombings 2013

(over 4 years ago)

That was such a powerful poem, I like how you go so deep in such little words. Deep brevity. Well done, its amazing. You really managed t... Read More »


(over 4 years ago)

This is a very sad poem. I really liked it. It's nice to see poetry with some meaning, with this site being full of teenage angst you usu... Read More »