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    K9: Blue Code of Silence

    Early Access Code: SJVSA-RAX9K-SMBZL -“I can hack into the microchips planted in peoples minds; I can listen to all the calls they…

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    Half Breed Hunter

    SUGGESTIONS VERY WELCOMED! -Early Access Code: W6NL9-1GC4O-FLYBM -Work in process, though I don't have enough ideas to make a it a ful…

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  • To never truly lose
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    To Never Truly Lose

    They wouldn't win, so long as we didn't let them. *Soon to be updated*

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    For My Followers

    This'll just be mainly a personal record of the messages I send my followers. Almost like a journal of what I've been doing. I'm super…

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    What Makes Them Beatiful

    Based off a halfway true story... if my little sister and I went to a concert via 1D, somebody's in for one big surprise. (No joke, if…

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    Nose Goes

    Sure, I hated my editor as much as the next writer working in the office, but I can prove I didn't kill him.

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Talk to me!


over 3 years ago Gracie Qu said:

Hey, Tamora. I don't know where you are, but I've already notified the backup judge to do this week's judgings. Please get back to me on whether you're coming back to mentor your team or not. Thanks!


over 3 years ago Katy said:

I updated chapter three! would you tell me what you think I should fix? Thanks so much!


over 3 years ago Gracie Qu said:

I told the contestants that hopefully they can all be finished editing their third chapter and turn it in by Sunday, so hopefully you guys can make it through your team on giving reviews by Saturday night!


over 3 years ago Gracie Qu said:

Last post of the day, I promise. I'll be posting the backup judge's results in your post to reduce confusion among the contestants.


over 3 years ago Gracie Qu said:

Hi, Tamora. I'm bringing in a backup judge for this round if you can't release the results by tonight. You'll still be the main judge and be helping your contestants, but this round's judging, apart from the two you already gave, will be given to the backup judge to handle unless you get back to me that you can finish tonight.

If you can't finish tonight, go on and start reviewing your team's newest entry or Chapter 3.

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Cursed Love

(over 3 years ago)

Nice fixes. I liked the new interactions you added. First with Luke – the one issue I had was how you jump from him telling her she'll ge... Read More »

Cursed Love

(over 3 years ago)

The action transitions aren't entirely clear. They could be smoother. Make sure to use smaller, more blunt statement sentences. That migh... Read More »