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    Descend to Madness

    <em>Reading while this song is playing intensifies the moment :)</em> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUeeKZeGOz0 Jezebel has wait…

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    Among Mudbloods

    <em>Work in Progress</em> <b>Cover Made by Kitsune96</b> <b> Harry Potter Fanfic</b> It's WWII and the Wizarding world has had en…

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  • Spark
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    Roseabella is thrown into a war of greed, corruption, jealousy and the need for power; fighting for her freedom and that of her kind. …

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  • Nameless
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    <em>Work in Progress</em> Patient #0000 is one of a kind, She was born in captivity. During one of her normal routines though her wor…

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  • Breaking inheridence
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    Breaking Inheritance

    A Twilight/Eragon fan fic :P Yes I did just say that! Hope you like it! Has been on the homepage twice! WOO!! Starting off where B…

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  • Blood-wars
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    Blood Wars

    <b>[Unedited]</b> Katelyn an emancipated 17 year old girl meets Justin a boy who has a a dark past who knows that she will free the…

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Talk to me!


8 months ago Kayla Margaret said:

Hey, Fellow Figgie!

I just wanted to tell you about our group,Creative Advice! We have advice, friends, our VERY OWN NEWSPAPER, and more! Click our name above!!

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9 months ago Ellie Williams said:

Hey, Tyanna!

I've decided to touch base with all of the Vintage Ink staff members and see who is still around. But first I want to sincerely apologize for my absence. I started at my local university back in August, and the workload was much more than I was anticipating. I forgot how hard it is to attend full-time. -__- So, I had to take an unexpected hiatus from Figment.

However, with the last day of lectures behind me and only finals remaining, I kind of want to try and revive the magazine if anyone is still interested. It's not going to be easy, but I am willing to devote the time and more for as long as I am able. If you are still around and interested, please get in touch with me. No worries if you are not interested or unable. I completely understand.

I hope to hear from you soon!

All the best,


Tae kwon

9 months ago Tae Kwolfe said:

Your discussion on Cover Designs is locked... any chance you're still doing work?


about 1 year ago Tyanna J Snider said:

Welcome to my Wall

Normally I don't leave it open but I'm allowing it to be open for swaps. Read this before you post your swap request. There will be a secret word posted within the rules so that I know you have read through them.

1. If you ask you go first. Right now the only thing I want read is Descend to Madness. Whatever you do I will do in return; except heart. I don't heart swap, I heart it if I like it.

2. Do not post ads on my wall. Unless you are Kitsune96 in which you are going to spam my wall with Cover Design Ad's anyway I have enough on my plate with Vintage Ink and Cover Designs.

3. If you like a cover on my profile I always have the creator either tagged or written in the description of the book. If I was the one who made the cover go request a cover in my shop over at Cover Designs. Secret Word is Apple Pie

4. If you ask for a swap follow the following steps. 1. Write it on my wall. 2. If you asked go first 3. (b)Swap for "Title of Your Story"(/b) Use this at the bottom of your review/comment on my story. make these () into these < > when you post to make it bold. 4. Be patient I am 21 years old and have a full time job so It might take me a week to get to swaps. If withing a week I do not return your swap just post a friendly reminder on my wall.

5. Failure to follow these rules will result in an invalid swap and it will not be completed.

~Good Luck and Happy Writings!~

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My Reviews


(about 1 year ago)

A beautifully written piece. 90% of the time I do swap my biggest pet peeve is reading cliche and boring characters but you have made you... Read More »

The Devil In the Woods

(about 1 year ago)

So besides this being a short story I can see this turning into something. I can see you continuing it from the daughters perspective, bi... Read More »