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over 4 years ago Neverland said:

Hey I was wondering if you could read Hopeful and/or Beautiful for me. Comment on my wall what you would like me to read in return. Thanks

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over 4 years ago Wisteria Birch said:

Would you like to swap? Please go to my wall. In the "About Me" section of my info. three books are listed that I'd love to have read, hearted, and commented on/reviewed. Just choose one of them, or more if you'd really like--whichever you find seems most interesting, by either the title or cover. I feel if you take part in the decision as to which book you read, your feedback will be more genuine. A free swap would be nice, but if you need a swap, that's fine. I'll read/heart/comment on any book of your choosing, so long as it complies with the standards set forth in the “About Me” section on my wall. Just let me know what you'd like me to read. Thanks! -Wisteria


almost 5 years ago Jennifer said:

Hey, I just met you. And this is CRAZY. You have a story. Swap it maybe? All these other ones just AMAZED me. You have a story. Swap it maybe?:)~Jen My story: "Little Angels of Connecticut" in memory of the kids of Sandy Hook School. ( Only 2 minutes to read. That's 2 minutes or your money back! Hee. Hee!) Your story: Let me know which one! Where do you think you're going baby? Hey, I just met you...(A Corrupted Version of Call Me Maybe. Don't you just love swaps?)


almost 5 years ago Jenna Faccenda said:

I see your in a contest.

I feel your pain, trust me.

Winning a contest on here is almost next to impossible, especially when it is heart based. There is nothing more stressful then trying to get as many people as you can to heart your story just so you have a chance.

Well I am here to say that I can relate. I am in a contest too. And I say we should help each other out. Maybe make this journey just a tad bit easier?

Let's swap -- you call the shots. You chose whatever kind you like whether it be constructive criticism, feedback, or just hearts. Just let me know! Whatever you give to my story She'll Breathe Again I will GLADLY return.

What do you say? Do we got a deal?



almost 5 years ago Kayy said:

Hi! I just wrote a story called The Killer for the Seventeen Magazine contest and i'm looking for some constructive criticism. I'd love it if you could check it out. I'm willing to swap if you'd like. Thank you and sorry if i've already asked! :]

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