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almost 3 years ago A.J Jennings said:

Hello, would you read (or swap) my poem "Equal Rights" or join my group The Coffee House. Thank you. -A.J Jennings P.S Sorry if I asked already.


about 4 years ago Eryn said:

Hello. My name is Eryn and I need your help with something. I just wrote an apology for someone on figment and I really hope she read it. But I don't know if she will. It is called "I'm sorry". This is for a friend and the whole thing is true. It is only 3 minutes long. Please read it, share it, whatever you can do so she will read it. She is following me so she will see the updates. I'm not asking for hearts or comments or anything for the heck of it. It is for my friend. Please consider reading it. If you do read it, I will read something of yours. Thank you so much.

Vl_dip reads

about 4 years ago Dipreads by V.L. said:

Good day!


about 4 years ago Sebastian Matthew said:

Swap? If so please read and heart "Silent Heartbeats".

Ugly person

over 4 years ago Liam M. Taylor said:

Pain. Fear. Suffering. Annihilation. Not just Earthly attributes. Prepare. Something has found us. Brought to our planet a long time ago. By a human.

Hello fellow writers, What I am asking for is not a swap but more of a free read of my newly released book The Shard Chronicles – Book One: The Naissance. I have been working on it for the last three years and finally released it on Smashwords. Please read and heart/comment/review and let me know what you think of it. And if you like it, buy the full novel off Smashwords, where you can read it on your kindle or smartphone. So please support me.

Kind regards, Liam Taylor

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