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over 3 years ago America's Next Great Author said:

Join ANGA for Volume 3 as we challenge twelve aspiring writers with weekly creative writing challenges to discover who will show, rather than tell, the world that they are AMERICA'S NEXT GREAT AUTHOR!

Audition Here: Click Here

Deadline: May 15th, 2014! ANGA, Vol. 3 begins Monday, June 2nd!

"Don't just tell us you can write. Show us!"

- - - - - - - - - -

Visit the ANGAv3 group for info on rules/guidelines/prizes.

Follow the ANGA homepage to read/review past challenge winners, including ANGA winners Erica Cortez & Andrew Liu!


over 4 years ago Everest Neverlynn said:

Hello! I am here, not asking for a swap, but more requesting for your opinion on my new story Deception. It is a little over ten minutes long and I am wondering if I should continue with this new inspiration in this story. I will do a swap if you feel it needed but free reads are always appreciated. Please follow this link to my new story! http://figment.com/books/662258


over 4 years ago Beautifully Broken said:

Heyy so it's me, the biggest fan of LTBB, TDD, and RMS! :D I just wanted to tell you that my mom went on Amazon tonight and I ordered Learning to be Beautiful! I know I said I'd get it as soon as it came out, but ya know how things are. :P Anyway, I'm really excited! Congratulations on publishing it! I think if you get published by a company next time, then you'll be really well known-on the bestseller list. Actually, you may even end up big with this book-it's just a lot harder with self-publishing, ya know? My point is, you are an AMAZING writer and more than are capable of someday making it on the bestseller list and/or having people know you very well, like they know James Patterson and Jodi Picoult. Who knows-you might end up as big as J.K.Rowling! ;) So, to end my pointless rant, I wanted to know if you're in the process of publishing any other books? And if possible, could you tell me how long it took to self-publish? So...yeah. Thanks! :)


over 4 years ago Writing Fire said:

Welcome Tributes and Viewers to the Annual Hunger Games! This is the chance for you to show off your fabulous writing skills, as well as become a part of something that will hopefully transform into an epic battle between Figment users around the world. As you begin to write your way through an arena filled with twists, turns, and fellow tributes (as well as a few nasty surprises of our own), your writing skills might just make the difference between seeing your tribute fall to the merciless clutches of death and seeing them emerge as victor. There is just one twist: your tribute, just as in The Hunger Games, must be selected randomly through a drawing. If you would like the chance to compete in the 70th Annual Hunger Games (bear in mind, this is BEFORE Katniss Everdeen) you will have to join or group!

 photo WRITINGFIRE_zps86355ec4.jpg

Hope to see you there! For more information on how to enter please join our group- Writing Fire: Hunger Games for Writers And may your writing be ever in your favor...


almost 5 years ago Jennifer said:

26 innocent lives were taken without warning. Let's heart this story 2600 times for them--100 hearts for every child who will never see another day.

Tragedy of Connecticut: In Memory of Lives Lost

Oh tragedy! Oh tragedy!

What violence has just occurred? A nation shattered by senseless deeds, hatred---Man’s darkest curse.

What hands can mend this tragedy? What hands can bind this wound?

Dear God, please heal us now. We pray, Oh God, please do.

Our hearts, they hold this tragedy. They beat with grief inside.

We know that tears, they can’t heal this pain, and yet, Oh Lord we cry

If we could reverse the clock and take back this sudden doom

If we could just make it stop---

Remember the children of Sandy Hook School. Let's not forget them. Read "Little Angels."

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