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  • Lab rats
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    Lab Rats

    This is more than your average teen hero story! [Warning: Some mature content. STATUS: WIP. Completely unedited, raw, and in need of f…

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  • The moment new
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    The Moment That Made It Possible

    Two races, two worlds, and one amazing girl that unites them both. [STATUS: Novel in progress- about 2/3 done. I know the first few ch…

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  • 10 days
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    10 Days

    <i>Finalist in the After Obsession Contest! Thanks everyone!</i> What if you only had ten days to get over someone? But what if that s…

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  • The otherside 2
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    Tʜᴇ OᴛʜᴇʀSɪᴅᴇ

    <i>Finalist in the Seventeen Magazine Contest. Thanks to everyone who read it!</i> "My house has a rusty green door knob and two stai…

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  • Emeighla cantonberry
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    The Ventures of Emeighla Cantonberry

    [COMPLETED--see status below] When Em's father, an ambassador, is murdered and she is brutally paralyzed by dark magic, Orrec, a myste…

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  • Gabe and jenette 3
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    Gabe and Jenette: Reinvented

    [Work in Progress - Sequel to "Meeting Jenette Murphy" on page 4] Once a very religious kid, Gabe Parkinson grew up to be quite a diff…

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about 1 month ago Alisa Lin said:

Hey, I noticed that you aren't open to swaps, but if you have any time, mind checking out my story? http://figment.com/books/765048-In-Love It would be a huge favour. Thanks!

Vl_dip reads

6 months ago Dipreads by V.L. said:



6 months ago Luna Sara said:

Could you please take a look at my flash fiction piece "Scream"? It's less than 100 words long, half a minute to read! Summary: Always there. The voice is always in her mind. This is not a horror story - this is real life.

If you could possibly also take a look at either of my other pieces I would **incredibly** grateful.

If you'd like me to read something in return, please comment on my profile! If you'd like me to read more than one thing, please read more than one of mine :)

Thank you!


7 months ago Willypete said:

Long time no talk!!!! Marching band is amazing. Especially if you are like the 8th band in the COUNTRY. We should talk some time!!!

Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 11.21.09 pm

8 months ago Marina Harper said:

Jina there's another Jina exactly like you. They used to be called Marina Harper like me, but the guy, Lance Surratt, who I presume to be behind this changed it to your profile.

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Here In Prison

(over 2 years ago)

Wow! This is very impressive - you fit so much emotion and detail into just three stanzas. It was gripping and flowed well. Nice work. Read More »


(over 1 year ago)

Okay so I normally don't review things unless they are in dire need of editing, but since you took the time to review my story, I thought... Read More »