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  • Broken-head-vector-concept-11102428
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    A Broken Mind

    An experimental poem about things that have been recently happening. I know it's not rhyme for rhyme, but I believe it flows. I wanted…

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  • Just another day.... without the bees
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    Just Another Day..... without the bees

    A man named Harrison has a simple life that he doesn't like, but deals with. He has a fast food job, he has a girlfriend, and he is de…

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  • Bones
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    Just another day... in class

    The first of my "Just another day..." series, this is the story of a boy going to school, with his teacher Ms. Teller dealing with str…

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  • Inside bus
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    Just another day... on the bus.

    Another day on the bus going to Bellaview Elementary school: Talking to friends, looking out the window, and being kidnapped and sold …

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  • Aurora-borealis-35-hd-screensavers
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    Just Another Day.... without Electricity

    A teenage, technology-loving, asshole of a guy is in a place where a solar flare causes all of the electricity and battery operated de…

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  • Cover-normal
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    Helmet Heads

    In a futuristic world, children are forced to put mind-altering helmets on their heads to increase their job potential. What the gover…

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over 2 years ago CeceO (On&off) said:

Hi, will you like to swap? If you do please read my WIP ON THE RUN (its an five part novel), so you can choose whatever part you want to read, if you've read part 1, please do let me know. Thanks & have a great day!


over 2 years ago Ashley Bird said:

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback, it was super helpful! I hope I gave you a decent review as well. It's really an amazing story :D


over 2 years ago DJV said:

 photo just another day_zpsy6tfgtzw.png  photo just another day 2_zpsq2pzqzij.png


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This is a book

(about 1 year ago)

Such an intellectual fascinating read about modern society and how we don't focus on the little things.... like grass. Read More »

The Nonsense of Life

(over 2 years ago)

I enjoyed the story, and it's weird how similar my thoughts are to the main character. At first, I thought these were your own thoughts w... Read More »