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About Me: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> "And he didn't really know where he was going, but he did know he was going somewhere, because you really have to go somewhere, don't you?" -Shel Silverstein >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Class of 2016. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Published works (all available on the CreateSpace eStore): |Sanguine Moon (low fantasy/young adult) | | Exhaled: A Novella (contemporary young adult) | | Fire in the Stars - coauthored with Mitchell Thomas Kazanjian(dystopian/young adult) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Published Books

  • Fits cover

    Fire in the Stars

    FIRE IN THE STARS by Mitchell Thomas Kazanjian & Isabella Rogge. COMING 09.18.15.


    A thief. A killer. Two separate stories. One doomed island.

    Seventeen-year-old Harper, incurable kleptomaniac, never expected to end up on a place like Penance. Yet, here she is, imprisoned on the secluded island full of delinquent teenagers. At first glance, the place is everything they want: freedom. No laws, no authorities, just pure, unadulterated liberty.

    With that freedom, however, comes danger. At the center of the chaos and brutality that rocks the island is Clint, a seasoned murderer working under the elusive, self-proclaimed Queen of Penance, Esme. Cold and brutal, Clint’s reputation has managed to keep the islanders in line — until now.

    As Harper unwillingly becomes entrapped in the island’s politics, and a tragedy leaves Clint hunting for revenge, Penance’s unstable order begins to crumble. As their fates draw closer, both Harper and Clint must survive against bloodthirsty criminals, unnatural weather, and their own inner demons before their blood too is spilled in the sand.

  • Exhaled cover


    A novella. Caesar likes his job. Sure, ferrying people down to Hell might not be a dream come true, but it could be a lot worse. As a reaper, his routine is pretty consistent -- until he meets Clare Williams. Stubborn, fierce, and persuasive, Clare Williams convinces Caesar to give her just a few more days to complete some unfinished business. Four promises, she says, that she must keep, each one more involved than the last. The unlikely pair find themselves on a four-day journey, examining the worth of life, death, forgiveness, and the hope of a great Something Else.

  • Sm cover

    Sanguine Moon

    It has been twenty years since Kaethurios, the Man of Night, destroyed GÃntham and left the King and Queen steeped in their sorrow. The kingdom is submerged in dark corruption with no foreseeable end. The Man of Night may be gone, but the nightmare certainly is not. Whispers of rebellion threaten the remaining fragile balance, but one man has managed to keep GÃ¥ntham from utter desolation. Hadrian works as the king's assassin, disposing of the criminals who the Council have denounced as guilty. It's not an easy life, and only the thought of revenge gives Hadrian the will to survive.

    When yet another town is on the verge of rebellion, Hadrian is sent to stop it. He arrives at the city and he finds something unexpected - a girl. Alyss explains how Kaethurios is returning, and magic (a force strictly forbidden) is coming with him. She herself is a magician who is desperate for a chance at redemption. Together, the assassin and the magician head off to warn the king of the danger. Before long, what should have been a day's journey becomes an adventure. Everything they ever thought they knew is tested. Every breath they take will bring them closer to the night the moon shines red.


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about 1 month ago Noelle Alabaster said:

Well, the first thing I did when I saw that the site is shutting down is go and save everything from Idylls of the West. Wow, I can't believe Figment is going away. This was such a huge part of my teenage years. We've had some good times here, haven't we? I'm going to try to save all our posts from Sharktown. We've got too much good stuff there to lose it all. I'll have to get to that after midterms are over. Man, I have so many good roleplays here that I really don't want to lose. It's a shame that they won't allow us to access anything after it shuts down. I hope you're doing well and enjoying life! I'd love to keep in touch. I saved your email. Mine is bowtiesarecool@centurylink.net. Let's try to keep in touch! Maybe we can even keep RPing with Henri. I'd hate to see Sharktown die off entirely. I still work on short stories based on that when I have free time and the writing bug bites.


about 1 month ago Mick_Moose said:

Hello my figgie friends! It is extremely saddening to hear that Figment it shutting down. It has been my online home for over 6 years. I had my first role plays here, wrote my first stories, and met many good online friends. I have made a WattPad account and I will be continuing all of my books on there so come check me out there (Mck_Moose). I will also be making an account on the new website that Figment is wanting us to move to, and hopefully finding a good website for groups and role plays. Once again thank you all so much for the awesome 6+ years and I hope you all do well in life!! With Love; Mck_Moose


about 1 month ago Ze Fluffy Kit on Fire ^3^ said:



5 months ago Noelle Alabaster said:

*comes back from the dead*

Hi Izzy! Wow, it has been waaay too long since I was actually on Figment. Life has been crazy.

Hope you're doing well! Let me know if you're ever on Figment these days! I'd love to revive Sharktown for a while before the school year starts up again.

Noelle :)


8 months ago David Clack said:

Hi I'm trying to get people to read my short story. a published authorspoint of view would be great thanks.

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