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  • Standard-glass
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    Broken Glass

    A poem about broken glass.

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  • Mylife
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    My Life

    About 95% true, all about specific incidents in my life. All names besides mine have been changed, I don't actually have an ex-best fr…

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  • Heart2 (1)
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    Valentine's Day, 9:36 a.m.

    Yes, this is true. Also, the cover is the heart on the valentine (except I added words too). A poem about a girl who sends him a valen…

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  • Empty pockets
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    A poem for Daily Themes February 2nd. An impoverished petty thief's pockets.

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  • Les-homme-combatboots-1
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    Combat Boot

    Cinderella gone gang-murderer.

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  • Blood-red-lips-sexy
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    Lips Red as Blood

    Snow White's story, told from the evil Queen's point of view.

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10 days ago J.D. Thomas said:

Hey! Are you looking for a group to join? What about Warriors: Raging Conquest? Our Timeline Tool makes it easy to role-play, even if you are coming in during mid-game. A dark prophecy is brewing, and StormClan needs your help! Due to pre-planning this group for over four weeks, we hope that this group will have little to no glitches. Of course, no group is perfect, but it may come close to perfection should you join.


3 months ago Cayla Ann said:

Hello Fellow Figger, Could you please check out my new novel; THE YEAR IS 2027 This novel starts out with four normal people with normal lives. Then the bombs hit. What will happen when people die. Love ones die. What will happen when they survive. What will happen when they bind together. Will the survive? Will they fall in love? Will more bombs hit? Who attacked? Whose bombs was it? FIND OUT IN THE YEAR IS 2027:-) THANKS!! If you do read I would love constructive criticism in a comment or review!! Thanks:-)


3 months ago Psychedelic Kitty said:

Hey, swap? I'll read up to ten minutes of anything you have if you read the first (and only) chapter of Extinction.


3 months ago Abigail Black said:

I've started writing my new story, Deadly secrets, and I was hoping you could go check it out! I would really appreciate it! Here's the link: Thank you! Enjoy your day further! :)

Cup of tea

4 months ago Arabella Starr said:

Yay! Snowdance made the homepage!

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(over 1 year ago)

Several mistakes (conventions-wise) I caught: "What's going on?" My boyfriend asks (I THINK that's how it went, but I might've gotten th... Read More »


(over 1 year ago)

Wow, that was really intense! Especially the beginning. The beginning made my mind spin. I noticed several times that you switched tenses... Read More »