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over 2 years ago begin_to_end said:

Hi! I'm a member of your group and my group Poets United, and we are making a magazine, to be out later this month. I was wondering if you'd like to place an ad in our magazine. If you're interested, just contact me on my profile! Vi

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almost 4 years ago Ryann Ravenwood said:

Would you like to swap? If so, please read and review/comment on "Falling Into the Third Reich" and I'll do the same to your's. Thanks!


almost 4 years ago Samuel Jickels said:

wanna swap? I would appreciate two reviews on my poems named the solemn crack head and the warehouse rave, don't worry they are pretty short. However if you are feeling more enticed in reading a short story then I have that as well named a Holiday i will never forget . Once you've done so ill be sure to return the favour.


over 4 years ago Jane T. Foster said:

Hey there!

I'm Jane T. Foster. I realized a while ago that getting your works read in a large reading group can be quite difficult, so I decided to try something new. Reading Groups for Writers is one large group with separate, smaller groups within it for readers with common interests. You can start a small group, get other members to read your work, and discuss, almost like a book club but with your own work and the work of the members of your small, collaborative group.

Hope to see you there!

-Jane T. Foster


Moon angel

over 4 years ago Sahara said:

Swap? Read Captured and I'll read whatever. A please and thank you my dear.

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The German And The Jew.

(almost 6 years ago)

This story was very good and could be even better if you went through and edited. There were so many spelling and grammar mistakes it mad... Read More »


(almost 6 years ago)

This may not be as good as the ones you get on inkpop but..... May I just say the your weaving this story beautifully. The way you sta... Read More »