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  • After midnight_1600
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    Ebola is a disease that hemorrhages your organs into liquid, but your organs aren't the only things it effects... The morality rate,…

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  • Ayer~
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    Triple A Initiative: Ayer

    For the FNTW Contest To get the full effect of the story -and so you won't be 'completely' confused- please read them in the followi…

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  • Drowning man final
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    Drowning Star

    For the FNTW contest :3 Enjoy~

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  • Golden apple
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    Inspired by UVERworld's "DISCORD" and personal experiences. This describes an internal conflict about what actions to take in a deplet…

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  • Bunny
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    Why Bunnies Aren't Cute...

    People only see what's on the outside: they never take the time to notice the inside of a person before judging them... *I wrote th…

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  • Final 2
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    Brandon's Light

    I wrote this two years ago while seeing my friend struggle with his failing relationship. I wrote this for him to make him feel better…

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over 3 years ago America's Next Great Author said:

Join ANGA for Volume 3 as we challenge twelve aspiring writers with weekly creative writing challenges to discover who will show, rather than tell, the world that they are AMERICA'S NEXT GREAT AUTHOR!

Audition Here: Click Here

Deadline: May 15th, 2014! ANGA, Vol. 3 begins Monday, June 2nd!

"Don't just tell us you can write. Show us!"

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Visit the ANGAv3 group for info on rules/guidelines/prizes.

Follow the ANGA homepage to read/review past challenge winners, including ANGA winners Erica Cortez & Andrew Liu!


over 4 years ago Sebastian Matthew said:

Wanna swap? If so please read and heart the first prologue my novel in progress called "Grim". Sorry if you don't do swaps or if I already asked you. Thanks, Sebastian S :D


over 4 years ago Sebastian Matthew said:

Hey wanna swap? If so please read and heart my novel "Grim". Please note that it is not the short story Grim that I have written but it is my work in progress novel Grim. If you do swap I will return the favor asap! Sorry if I already asked you or if you don't like swaps.


over 4 years ago astronaut said:

figmentGIF Hey! I just entered this story ^^^^^("Letting Go") in a short story contest, and I'm in DIRE NEED of hearts. PRETTY PLEASE COULD YOU HEART IT?! The contest ends in a couple of days! Help me get in the top 10! Sorry if you already received this message, and THANKS A BUNCH!


over 4 years ago Writing Fire said:

Welcome Tributes and Viewers to the Annual Hunger Games! This is the chance for you to show off your fabulous writing skills, as well as become a part of something that will hopefully transform into an epic battle between Figment users around the world. As you begin to write your way through an arena filled with twists, turns, and fellow tributes (as well as a few nasty surprises of our own), your writing skills might just make the difference between seeing your tribute fall to the merciless clutches of death and seeing them emerge as victor. There is just one twist: your tribute, just as in The Hunger Games, must be selected randomly through a drawing. If you would like the chance to compete in the 70th Annual Hunger Games (bear in mind, this is BEFORE Katniss Everdeen) you will have to join or group!

 photo WRITINGFIRE_zps86355ec4.jpg

Hope to see you there! For more information on how to enter please join our group- Writing Fire: Hunger Games for Writers And may your writing be ever in your favor...

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little room for* oops~ I made a mistake ^~^ I must be human :3 Read More »


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I love you now xD I always wondered this, and I'm glad to see that someone else sees the same way I do. I love how it was written as a co... Read More »