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  • Red_lake
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    Beneath the Surface

    Mira, a girl who grew up in the slums of Zorak, finds herself caught up in the resistance against the king.

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  • Devil_s_breath
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    Devil's Breath

    On December 21, 2012 - Sarah recieves a call from the government about a letter she wrote to them telling about her dooms-day visions.…

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  • Tumblr_m4iy8upyyw1qbp1omo1_500_thumbllllll
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    Humpty Dumpty

    The story of Humpty Dumpty rewritten. For the JustineMagContest. I'm trying to reach 100 hearts, so any suggestions would be appreciat…

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  • Tumblr_m3blwr2bb81rv5rf3o1_250_largeasdfgh
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    Butterflies,Strawberries,and Hillbillies

    Originally called Summer Days: A group of friends on a camping trip. (for the SummerReadingContest)I'm trying to reach 100 hearts, s…

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  • Zilla
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    Give a Care

    the ponderings of my meandering mind.

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  • Big eye
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    Bones, a second generation survivor, struggles to balance humanity and survival in his plague ravaged world. When he brings in a secon…

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almost 4 years ago Cayla Annais said:

HELLO, Could you please read/comment/review/heart/react to my new novel; Cherish Me (In New York) Cherish Me is about one night. A night were two people meet. Two people who have totally different pasts and no idea where there future is headed. Two people who are both broken and hurt in there own way. Two people who have a great night together. A night were they go out for coffee, go on the subway and have fun. One night where they forget there past. One night where they have fun. One night where love might just blossom. But what will happen when that night ends? I would love if you could take the chance to look at my story!!


almost 4 years ago PandaAsiran said:


about 4 years ago clara johnson said:

Hi! I was wondering if you wanted to join Pro-Choice VS Pro-Life? It's a debating group on figment that centers around abortion. I understand if you don't want to get involved, but please RSVP :)


about 4 years ago Sebastian Matthew said:

Swap? If so please read and heart "Silent Heartbeats". Sorry if I asked already or if you don't do swaps.


over 4 years ago Tthaearia said:

Have you ever felt as though you don't belong in this reality? As though there's something out there waiting for you? As though there's a place you would feel more substantial, more concrete, more authentic... if only you could find your way back to it? You're not alone. Read more:

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(over 5 years ago)

lol sorry i had a brain fart and put Caroline's name as Charlotte below...Sorry about that!!! *blushing with embarassment* and I just re... Read More »


(over 5 years ago)

Hey,sorry for taking so long to get back to you for the swap, but here's is my review - The beginning is solid and you explain the char... Read More »