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over 4 years ago ❄️orEOcookie99❄️ said:

What time is it?! AAAAAAAAAADVENTURE TIME (That would be the accepted answer) but in this case it's swap time! I have given you the pleasure of being able to swap with me and read The End of Simon, a wonderful adventure time fan fiction for the Summer fan fiction contest! Now, some of you may be thinking, I hate Adventure Time and any silly cartoon that doesn't make any sense, so why would I want to read a silly fanfiction that doesn't make any sense? But you would be wrong there! This isn't a silly fanfiction that doesn't make any sense. On the contrary, this is a heartbreaking tale (if I do say so myself) about a man struggling to keep his sanity so he can hold on to a little girl who he loves quite dearly. Sounds interesting huh? And if that doesn't sound interesting, then it's a fanfiction, I mean, come on, who doesn't like those! Just one read/heart will provide a smile to a girl dearly in need of heart donations. And in return you will get a thorough read of your story, eternal greatness, and the satisfaction of knowing you made a girl smile today. Thank you and have a righteous day. :)


over 5 years ago Grace L. said:

Swap please? If so, read "Start"! Thanks :) (And if you have time for another one, please read "Copper", and I'll read two of yours. IF.)

Thanks again!


over 5 years ago Gaby S. said:

Hi, I was wondering if you would like to swap. If so could you read "Not The Hero" and post on my wall what you would like me to read in return.

Ilse esme

over 5 years ago Connie Rayburn said:

I am trying to gain support for my short story 'One Last Night'. If you could please read then heart/comment/review that would be so great. Let me know what you would like me to read in return. Thanks so much.


over 5 years ago Alicia L. said:

swap? heart "Crestline" and i'll heart any story you want me to! just leave me the name of it on my wall. thanks.

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