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  • Ttgik2
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    There's This Guy I Know

    There is this guy I know, who I want, but will never want me.

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  • Selectinquickmaskmode
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    Searching for Color

    A young girl who was in a car crash on the way to a party has lost the ability to see color. This is her story.

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  • Whispering wind2
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    Whispering Wind

    The wind whispers things. All you have to do is listen.

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  • Girl-tree2
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    This is a story that was entered for the seminar contest but didn't win. Now I am sad, but what am I going to do? Sometimes you are sa…

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  • Carved heart
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    Stage Lights

    I apologize for the horrible cover. Aside from that, this is my entry for the Defying the Dark contest. Its about a girl who gets kidn…

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  • The_girl_in_the_mirror__by_pretty_as_a_picture
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    Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

    My entry for the Bewitching Flash Fiction Contest. Read it to see what it's about!

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Talk to me!


3 months ago Cait Cher said:

Hello there! If you don't feel like swapping, ignore me, but if you do, I would appreciate if you heart and comment/review (optional either way) Constantine's Wish. This is the link to it: http://figment.com/books/744056-Constantine-s-Wish

I'll read anything you want. Just post on my wall.


3 months ago S.J. Bouquet said:

you said if I could recommend a band/artist that you don't usually hear on the radio you'd give me a free read xD so here goes: The Vaccines, The Animals...errr... well all the bands I like are starting to get on the radio, so I'm not sure if you've heard of them yet or if you have but I really like Bastille too.


3 months ago Kat Renee Horan said:

Ello There! I have entered into the figmentfate contest, and i was really hoping that my entry could get to 50 hearts. It's called the fault in fate. I'm almost there, but I need a boost. If you want to swap, and read that book it would be amazing.

I'm also starting to write some poems, and I'd really like you to check them out. We could do a poem swap if you write poems, or just a swap where you read my poem. It's called braids. Thank you for the consideration!

-Kat Renee

Knytes rose of naborr 2 months  2003

5 months ago Josiah Steel said:

Wanna swap? I only have one novel that's not even finished completely.


7 months ago XX said:

Swap? I did your pumpkin one but I can do another too if you want. All mine are short so yeah haha(:

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The Last Year

(almost 2 years ago)

Wow, I really enjoyed this. The realism of the overall thing was great. You made it feel like high school. I really enjoyed all of the di... Read More »


(almost 2 years ago)

I really liked this. I thought it was original-for being a fan fiction and very creative. Hogwarts in the real world, nice. So first of... Read More »