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almost 2 years ago Charlie M said:

Hi I was wondering if you wanted to swap? If so could you read my short play "Me, Cinderella, and Butterfly-Boy"? http://figment.com/books/979656 Just let me know what of yours you want me to read. Thanks so much! Charlie


about 2 years ago Maeko.the.mafia.boss said:

Hiiii! I was wondering if you're up for a swap. If you are, can you check out The Blood of Angels and offer up a review or comment, please?

Keep in mind that I return what you do. If you just give a heart I just give a heart. A short comment gets a short comment. If you do a lengthy, in depth review I'll do likewise.

Also when you've completed either a review or comment can you please type in it what you'd like me to read. Its easier to find them that way than if you put it on my wall. And since mine is 1 chapter long, please don't expect me to read 80 chapters :P

Thank you and have a great day!!

(it says there's 7 chapters but only one is the actual story. You'll understand when you click ) http://m.figment.com/books/923743-The-Blood-of-Angels-


over 2 years ago H.M. said:

Hey, let's swap. I just published my first comedy sketch, Presidential Turn Up, and was hoping you'd check it out. After, you can tell me which story of yours you want me to read.


over 3 years ago Kayla Rush said:

Hey I would really appreciate if you could please read one of my short stories. Either Ebony or Twenty-One Twelve. No one has read them yet so I would really appreciate it.

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