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    Red Strings

    "The red string of fate: According to this East Asian myth, the Gods tie an invisible red string around the little finger of those tha…

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  • Htt
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    Hooded Terror

    Asher Schmidt's "normal" life is turned upside when she falls in love with the new boy, Holden. What she doesn't know is that he is a …

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  • Yyyyperfect!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2
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    Perfectly Different

    Aiden is like any other outcast. Quiet, dark, and intimidating. Christy is like any other popular girl. Outgoing, happy, and coinci…

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    A Bride For Me

    Black Veil Brides Fan Fiction! I got the title from their song,“A Devil For Me.” (Link below) ~~~~~~~ Zoey Even is an outcast. …

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Talk to me!


about 5 years ago The Mortician's Daughter said:

Whenever you have time could you update a bride for me please?


over 5 years ago cfg said:

just wanted to say hi!


over 5 years ago Whimsically_Me said:

Great to know, I'll definitely be waiting to read 'Shadow Figure'. And the writing wasn't that bad, yes it was choppy but it really wasn't as terrible as some of the stuff I had written when I was around ten years old. Like you, I'm also rewriting a story I had written. but I think I had written mine around fourth or fifth grade, which means mine is probably worse, lol =D Good luck!

Blue bangs

almost 6 years ago Hannah Tripp said:

I understand that I have been missing for a few weeks, and I apologize profusely. There were circumstances I could not control, but hopefully I'm back for a good long time! I have lots of writings for you, so keep an eye out for my work!



almost 6 years ago 3llyBVB said:

Sorry for the late reply. I'm nervous for you! I really want to buy your book! So how have you been?

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