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    On Sashabaw Road

    It flip flops POV. Also, trigger warning for mentions of rape. The recent coverage of the Stanford case made me remember this. Origina…

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    You shouldn't stay out too late.

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  • Anger
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    Anger comes from no where and consumes everything.

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  • The cost to survive
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    The Cost to Survive

    In progress. This is the first draft so the sentences aren't all that great structurally so if you want to have a go at a chapter or …

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  • Birds in the sun
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    Thirty Days

    Each chapter is separate from each other, just so you know, and each is a short story/description/poem in it's own right. So think of …

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    These are the Things You Left Behind

    A poem :)

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Talk to me!


almost 4 years ago Gracie Qu said:

Make sure to sign up under the Contestants post if you want to participate! You may use a finished or a work in progress novel!


about 4 years ago Saja Sabbah said:

Hello Davina :D I will read your story, comment, review, heart and react just as I promised :D (Y)


about 4 years ago Michael Clay said:

Well, I haven't written any horror bits yet, because I can't really write horror. Thanks for the comment though. I'll take it into consideration.


about 4 years ago Petty said:

Oh man! You were reading my story "Death Is Not the End" (lousy title)??? I am so sorry! Yes it has been months, I write pretty sporadically and randomly... I didn't know you were interested in it... Sorry sorry sorry! Well, yes I'll get right back into that. I don't have as much free time, so I might not be able to give 'regular' updates, but I'll do my best! I might set a goal for an update every Wednesday, but that might not be a chapter a week, probably more like a couple paragraphs. I am so sorry, I kinda forgot about that story... I feel terrible imagining you waiting for any update that would never come... And no, don't worry about posting too many comments. Bug me as much as you want! I'll probably need it, I'm the sort of person who doesn't do anything without a certain amount of nagging. Okay, so check back Wednesday! I guarantee at least that update! And thank you for telling me, its gratifying to know that someone was into one of my stories enough to ask for more ^U^


about 4 years ago Rob said:


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My Reviews

Death is not the end

(over 4 years ago)

Freaking awesome. :) Chapter one: You switch tenses in the third sentence, it should be "math always did that to me." It kind of di... Read More »

The Thousand Years

(over 4 years ago)

Love it. It can actually work just as it is, there are a lot of amazing short stories out there that are ambiguous and just end and they ... Read More »