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    Evoke: 1: to call forth or up: as a : conjure b : to cite especially with approval or for support : invoke c : to bring to mind…

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  • A place of no eyes cover2
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    A Place Of No Eyes

    A poem that came to me while I was listening to a channel on Pandora. Heart and comment please~

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  • Starry sky
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    Starry Sky

    Ahem, this was some poetry I came up with while listening to some music. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Limbo cover
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    My first horror writing, yay! Anyways this is my version of a horror genre of 'The Wizard of Oz' so I hope you enjoy!

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  • Sunset_rays_web_900x675
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    Rise Above

    Okay, so this poem is personal because I am a strong individual and there is no excuse for anybody to let someone talk down to them. A…

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    Their losses

    A heart and a comment are greatly appriciated!

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Brown haired blue eyed

over 1 year ago LeChevalierRoland said:

Good evening :) I was wondering if you would like to swap?

It's not have a relationship

over 1 year ago Spiritual Central (Chesster) said:


over 1 year ago </3 said:

HI! If you like BTS fanfiction can you please head over to my profile and check out my Harry Potter AU fan fiction about the BTS members being in an unstoppable quidditch team. It's called "Born Wizard." Kpop fans should support other Kpop fans and I'll be glad to check out any of your stories or give free hearts if that's what you want instead.


about 3 years ago Michele H. said:

Like Alice in Wonderland? Well I have a lovely collection of poems entitled "We're all Mad Here: a collection of poems" Come partake in it if you wish.~M


over 3 years ago Therion said:

Hello,I'm reviving a Halo RP. Can you join?

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(almost 6 years ago)

This was really awe-inspiring, it was amazing. I really connected with this because I feel the same way. I especially look up to Dr.King ... Read More »